TCJ 007: Anne B Say

June 10, 2019 Season 2 Episode 7
TCJ 007: Anne B Say
TCJ 007: Anne B Say
Jun 10, 2019 Season 2 Episode 7
Tracy Winchell / Anne B. Say
Anne bought a journaling notebook in a bookstore, sat down right there in the store and started pouring out her heartache over the breakup of her marriage. How she journals today is a far cry from the bitterness that her first notebook captured years ago.
Show Notes

Anne B. Say is a life coach with her husband, Terry. Anne and Terry are dedicated to helping people find hope in every circumstance.

In this episode of The Change Journals Anne shares about the circumstances that led to her purchasing her first journaling notebook. She was angry, bitter, and felt very alone in the aftermath of a divorce.

Today, Anne's journaling practice is geared around writing her earnest conversations with God. She writes so she can hear her Heavenly Father.

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