Xtra 2017.07.27 Art Inspires Commerce

July 27, 2017
Xtra 2017.07.27 Art Inspires Commerce
Xtra 2017.07.27 Art Inspires Commerce
Jul 27, 2017
Tracy Winchell
Show Notes

July 27, 2017

This pop up podcast celebrates the growth of entrepreneurship in our home base of Fort Smith, Arkansas - inspired by The Unexpected.

The arts, music, and mural festival has been featured in Afar, a global travel magazine that recently recognized Fort Smith - a community of approximately 80,000 on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border - as one of 8 surprizing cities with amazing street art.

This was our first effort at collecting sound in a crowded, noisy location. We learned a lot about our new mobile audio gear and promise to deliver better sound next time out. There’s nothing like overmodulating an interview with a sound pro like Grant Thomas at The Soul Collective to get your attention. Yikes!

Even so, what our guests said at the HEM Apparel launch party still rings true.

We hope you enjoy this Reboots XTRA with: Mason Kesner - Baseline Collective
Sean Sivage - HEM Apparel
Grant Thomas - Soul Collective
Douglas Spicer - HEM Apparel
Claude Legris - Fort Smith Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
Patrick Bose
Talicia Richardson
Jay Richardson

More stuff we talked about

Peacemaker Festival
Steve Clark, Entrepreneur
Unexpected Fort Smith on Instagram Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock
Crystal Bridges
Future School of Fort Smith
HEM Apparel on Instagram

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