R010: Ready - Chris Joannides

September 12, 2017
R010: Ready - Chris Joannides
R010: Ready - Chris Joannides
Sep 12, 2017
Tracy Winchell / Chris Joannides
Show Notes

R010: Ready - Chris Joannides

Chris Joannides says the most selfish aspect of his life is giving back. As director of the Riverview Hope Campus in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Chris gives back. A lot. And he asks others to give.

The key to change, according to Chris - car dealership owner turned licensed therapist - is being ready.

This Wyoming native shares with us how a book, a legal pad, and a family gathering brought him to the point of being ready for a change.

Links and Show Notes

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Five Steps to Spiritual Growth by Peter M. Kalellis
Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change

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