R011: Clean Slate with Zachary Sexton

September 26, 2017
R011: Clean Slate with Zachary Sexton
R011: Clean Slate with Zachary Sexton
Sep 26, 2017
Tracy Winchell / Zachary Sexton
If you're struggling to keep up with everything on your plate, make time for Zachary Sexton's Reboots story, which is filed with tools, tips, and insights for getting a handle on life and business.
Show Notes

Most of us crave clean slates - free of clutter and unfinished items rattling around in our heads, on sticky notes beside our computers, or hidden in that stack of papers subtly shaming us from the corner.

Who has time to tidy up task lists, projects, or even neglected relationships for which there is regret for lack of time and energy?

Cue Zachary Sexton.

With his easy-going demeanor, a wealth of knowledge and the heart and skills of a teacher, Zack certainly IS well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming the Oprah of the small-business productivity space.

We’re thrilled to introduce Zack to our Reboots audience.

Even as he shares his own reboots experiences, he gives all of us ideas and encouragement for navigating and creating change in our own lives and businesses.

Links and Show Notes
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Clean Slate
Zack’s method of productive journaling
Zack’s take on morning routines
Eisenhower Matrix
Agile Modeling
Zone of Genius
What is a kanban?
What is Getting Things Done or GTD?
Getting Things Done - David Allen
Linked-In Riches - John Nemo (FREE Kindle Unlimited)
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Uval Noah Harari
The 12-Week Year - Brian P. Moran
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years - Donald Miller

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