R014: White Flag with Big Rev.

November 07, 2017 Episode 14
R014: White Flag with Big Rev.
R014: White Flag with Big Rev.
Nov 07, 2017 Episode 14
Tracy Winchell / Big Rev.
Big Rev. has the voice of a classic country artist, but he feels called to rap the gospel. He dives into daily habits that keep beats and lyrics coming and shares what it's like to parent a special needs child.
Show Notes

R014: White Flag with Big Rev.

White Flag with Big Rev. is the story of a gospel rapper - the son of a hard-working country music artist who cut his teeth on everything from 80’s country and rock and roll to the mesmerizing beats of early hip hop and rap.

Big Rev. talks about his music, parenting special needs children, how he fuels creativity, his experiences with the Holy Spirit and how his family makes prayer an inescapable component of daily life.

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