R034: Killed in Action with Joshua Mantz

November 08, 2018 Episode 34
R034: Killed in Action with Joshua Mantz
R034: Killed in Action with Joshua Mantz
Nov 08, 2018 Episode 34
Tracy Winchell / Joshua Mantz
Josh was shot by a sniper in Iraq, and he flatlined. For 15 minutes, Josh was dead. His remarkable recovery resulted in his return to the battlefield.
Show Notes

In this Veterans Day 2018 episode, Josh Mantz tells the story of his death, and the miracle of how he returned to the front lines of Iraq four months after he bled out from a bullet wound in his leg.

Josh also remembers his friend, Staff Sergeant Marlon Harper, who was killed in action serving in Iraq with Josh.

Joshua Mantz dedicates his life to helping women who serve mankind as first responders.

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This episode is dedicated to:

  • The Memory of Chief Warrant Officer Howard C. Funkhouser, Green Beret, Vietnam War Veteran
  • Geraldine Funkhouser
  • Kay Funkhouser Hicks
  • Gerald Funkhouser

My uncle, aunt, and cousins, who have served our nation with honor, dignity, and courage.


Some days I even wish
I had come home in a body bag,
Instead of progressively being a burden.
So please don't tell me
That I'm Lucky, not all scars show.

Tell me instead that I am a survivor.
And you are glad I survived.
Let me know that I am an asset to the world.
Hear my repetitions of grief,
My anger, my disappointments, and adjustments.
Patience as I really try to learn how to live anew.

Then perhaps some day
I shall learn how to be whole again,
Accept my sorrow, and feel joy again.
Perhaps then it will have been good
To have known me.

~ Howard C. Funkhouser


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