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051 - Forensic Accounting in FBI - Alton Sizemore (Repost)

July 25, 2022 Robert Nordlander, CPA, CFE Episode 51
Fraud Fighter Podcast
051 - Forensic Accounting in FBI - Alton Sizemore (Repost)
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Alton Sizemore has over 25 years of experience with the FBI as a special agent specializing in forensic accounting.  He is a CPA and CFE.  He also teaches courses for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  At the FBI, he rose to the rank of Assistant Special Agent in Charge which he oversaw many areas of the FBI office in Birmingham, Alabama, before retiring to continue practicing as a forensic accountant.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Why he joined the FBI as a special agent.
  2. Why being a lifelong learner is key to a career in forensic accounting
  3. The lessons he learned on the witness stand during trials
  4. How continuing education is important in forensic accounting.
  5. What is what like to transition from a 25-year career to the private sector
  6. The difference between a good investigator and a great investigator is knowing both sides of the litigation
  7. His biggest regret at the FBI, which came to haunt him a few years later when he saw the national news.
  8. The ability to communicate with various people is the key to a good interview.

Sizemore continues to practice as a self-employed forensic accountant.  He is currently a reserve deputy sheriff assigned to the cold case squad in his local county.

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(Cont.) 051 - Forensic Accounting in FBI - Alton Sizemore (Repost)