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038 - Lottery Fraud - Terry Rich

October 18, 2021 Robert Nordlander, CPA, CFE Episode 38
Fraud Fighter Podcast
038 - Lottery Fraud - Terry Rich
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Terry Rich is  an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and former director of a state lottery.  When a $16 million lottery ticket was suspiciously redeemed, an investigation started and led directly to Eddie Tipton, an computer programmer working for the lottery.  This story is how hot dogs, Bigfoot, and a lottery ticket combined into the uncovering of a multi-state lottery fraud.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. How various lotteries work.
  2. The investigation into a multi-million dollar lottery fraud
  3. How the lottery fraud was uncovered
  4. The importance of checks and balances

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(Cont.) 038 - Lottery Fraud - Terry Rich