Bitcoin kisokos

#4 Mindent az Ethereum-ról

April 23, 2020 cryptofalka Season 1 Episode 4
Bitcoin kisokos
#4 Mindent az Ethereum-ról
Bitcoin kisokos
#4 Mindent az Ethereum-ról
Apr 23, 2020 Season 1 Episode 4

Mai főtémánk az Ethereum lesz, miért alkották meg, kik állnak mögötte, miért lehet 2. generációs coin, miért az Ethereum a második legnagyobb piaci kapitalizációval rendelkező kriptovaluta?

Ezen felül megválaszoljuk ezeket a kérdéseket:

  • Mi is az okos szerződés, miért hasznos?
  • Hogyan működik a Ethereum?
  • Miért pont platform lett, egy új pénznem helyett?
  • Mi a Solidity programozás illetve a dApp?
  • Mit várunk az ETH 2.0-tól?
  • Hol alkalmazhatjuk az ETH-t?

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Show Notes Transcript

Mai főtémánk az Ethereum lesz, miért alkották meg, kik állnak mögötte, miért lehet 2. generációs coin, miért az Ethereum a második legnagyobb piaci kapitalizációval rendelkező kriptovaluta?

Ezen felül megválaszoljuk ezeket a kérdéseket:

  • Mi is az okos szerződés, miért hasznos?
  • Hogyan működik a Ethereum?
  • Miért pont platform lett, egy új pénznem helyett?
  • Mi a Solidity programozás illetve a dApp?
  • Mit várunk az ETH 2.0-tól?
  • Hol alkalmazhatjuk az ETH-t?

Ezen felül techinkai elemzés is megtalálható a műsorunkban !

Ha tetszik a műsorunk akkor kérjük értékelj minket iTunes-on, illetve oszd meg az itt kapott tudást a barátaiddal ! :)

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spk_0:   0:07
keep it off our car mats for cabanas at you CIA Stockard was like me Nikita Bitcoin Kish kash Because a podcast even for a night on the air, I guess t mat for magnetically letter even less suitable for tonight because the idea of the Kashmir rather toot our missions that I wrote them. A yuko Technically, Ramsey, she's a table to shoot a Milan court ad is gabbar Ishaqi. But he might have fundamental Irish rover called for not next week. Now surely? Yeah. Gabor number was made within Caribbean Queen Fish for sport Husband were stripped off our Qatar CEO Gabrielle Muslim custom. Come on, The lamb of God when they had put the excavation

spk_1:   0:46
See us talk. Ah, your memory Charter Constable Crypto Farka was Inish issue Crypt wall. Takuya says Shay Given fabricated fairly The fish market tomorrow in an egg. Ah, phone Latin that in the US Shoot a gun Cha cost Russia. What would I see? Ok, look, Attack issue Ah crypto forgo Hola prob Ah well, I'm sorry but because at around sick which would you move? Don't carry with them. Keep port Castro

spk_0:   1:18
again again. Kristen, You Gobber may get sister ticket on which certainly the Kalashnikov wannabe actor IA took should gamble. In my case, it may conquer at Anak Tak Ponta Shabaan Mashie, Quino, courage, Fundamental j'ai mes a circuit or a Polish case that my etiquette ish home a Russian. A tether. It's just, uh, be a queen bed with Toto Kazik. My neck tact record after the videos that they will not cooperate. A moustache. I wish Mogul, and you have a sordid Eva cultural bomb on my top. A sorta know that kids, your kids kitchen better missions is that there were no shook on psychotic. Esta Korean with votes are there smiling back at campus Queen that's failing like Compaq ish. It's your phone. Tosha Eshelman. Excuse the economy. Health up a tree on Ah Italy Boo Terrian and you're a scholar of the AI programme was also key kids after they had on warm exit at the letter for your Bitcoin magazine quote. Attack Europe Utoya. You suspect that when they strap, programme me about Chiaki, Italy. As cute as that is, I had on when the enemy noticed Cato's acted on a bus at their homes. Rieti Ah, reporter trash, Allah keep exacted an age men in with Morgan because a technical failure station, it's just recorded. What I you thought orgy matter. I'm actually let me of crypto Tyra, But stealing I am actually laying my uber purity. Ka Peter, That's your ish Ranga. Tick short, Correct. Captive says yes. I prepped April to your ammo. Gaza Terra, The name's Amy. She's a plot for our metres that their own key finance that well Yeah, But queen all aboard the central. That fetish Daniel Bryan Duta that they're on your catalogue, Esther Zero and stationed cares, but brackish took my shit. Anybody in the hotel? Bogota bloc land. So they should it centre is at sea with my Croteau young demo gonna cause a tear on the casino today. Oh, Shamash! Okay, you gotta get in. This country is at a peak at Sochi. Russia was hostile howto platform Autonomous took maketa thirties and a human. If Bobby other Kashagan which was a terrible night for you and Lexi intellectually or fight us to a god, I Oh, yeah, I guess grew their Africa famous dish. Yeah, like proof ofthe reckons that all comers like that your daughter with growing social on cowboy half to extricate You give a let a terrible by asking the centre that I'm captive for new level. I mean mostly the info care ghastly station master and for my van Me Magoza Taro, it's Alec shook in fear and it's starting tomorrow is that they don't get people knew. Laura make way out here for a matter with the crash. It's like a big queen Ishmael. Everyone at I have no proof of steak. Ah, nearby may get mass along the Latics Ember, where many recommissioned Ogata's We famous dish often, though, that they're almost had to take a finance and queen bees and cracking on Ah, like Russia bars there needs us. Who's the liar word? Ah, trap Italy on concrete And she won Not me those air wish. That's also where your character I don't know. The name's Dan Kish. Better that I'm kept upon Olara Corn out of deja. But from care has got me in the hand. The macro issue for forgiveness. Take Masha and teach those eye colour. They like me. Oppa, Technically it Artem a crow. The open court at the kitchen to Nonaka British mission among Carola proof off state road with a mere two wells that make me a killer. Actually approve off workers issue ammunition, escape proof ofthe statements. I mean as a Terry shot at on the way, All

spk_2:   4:49
of it. And I wouldn't grab that. It's a national park or proof of steak on the Atlanta front of shop with my manager going toe sharpish. O'Banion When a proof of a member of NATO Yukio I rank It had been and had one soup, sugar free, my shadow and Natasha Me again. Rotation to Rio Rancho New Corneas Take it any official in the Mahabharata and showed a cat on a medical book for you. Look ah! Proof of steak. Armenia. Silver are proof of state Romney. Official state autonomy should go over them. Is they behead? The Shambala is okey Sha defected to examine their childhood escaped the rope entry march and that doesn't create my body that I haven't so one jar. And there was like a militant ban. You escaped that camp according to consent to an show. Kannada bottles and shake a class of one horse thankfully occupying us in the staff broke out and consent Empathy Utama for company the past meaning that you may take it and run, because when you forget,

spk_0:   5:54
you can't predict approval steak, which I worry after war. So rotten image hardware, Sam. It'll give shaggy figura factors Banerjee at around naked one although 20 Sugito cannot. I mean, when you say at the airport it's just the other attacks. I wanna hear that issue as a beast. A sheet on the co host of Taboo Tara Lash at Morgan about after Labour should officiate. Cops are every year you will blow quit for you that I would have there were only issued eight it to just what make fun to summit monetary your minimum Hartman skate at their own Go on soup shake We're most empathising What's so here? Duel at the aid and abet a row That nutjob refer to that took several years My corner perfect that dish to Sharon She was kneeling on photos which I owe to Romania to battery. Omar and Icaza put your honour on that not your best chef in our table. Ko for you? Yeah, again? Sure correct. Other other other occupation Whore! You're a pseudonym for your overto Montague. Shaz. Shaggy tonight me and your banana cookie. Maybe. And I should get their Quantico Just rocker Karina Ben Wyatt and Turkish. We will make the best cop Knock that down for you Got a horseshoe alot problem, Akira, Will they? Who forced their steak? Name it a proof ofthe match record approval for males only if you wash your body. Because I am on my go behind that I was so taken your bundle Bang Asked me if she said one of you in man. He sent a proof of steak Nemec pointers that certain night. Okay, Gonzaga, buzz makers like God bless just like that.

spk_2:   7:21
And upon my go bag shows Tok Mexico attached as I captured no Medea. Our banner Michael belly patient from a manual. A coral atolls like them to get their genetic message that they're So we're looking at the menu. Don't. I wanna go back to the effect that matter. Remember, they're using cash limit for that matter. A tradition for gecko Latouche retarded. You project is our little block

spk_0:   7:41
here. Unless they have to separate democracy. Mommy, over there!

spk_2:   7:45
They gonna

spk_0:   7:45
come after him? Um is there because Xiao Hong, please come forward. Megadeal, vermin. Here's your answer. Stop idiot. Ash and fish to an institute. Normally? Well, yeah, that's what Your costar, the steak and money out of that there issue started. Mahato A steak at your studio by Daniel Korean Um, Forward Rodney for succotash. Commit a tank if you talk, which was sometimes stubble official at the magazine. Okay. Had because this happened. We as what? A proof of steak. She nationally we tash on me before going after your shopping, We offer to get their Whose boy armada? Yeah, that there am captive Manuela on your hair. Then assure today Pontus figures that tone in Chamba anta Not for an auto shop for Gonzaga. Better that we, Tash, you're Scottish, Francis. The smugglers are stylish. Yo, Gabba Wreckage there are shouting wrote to manage but mentioning Misha that wanna come show what patient eats the hood with me at your Wells Mackerras at Yalta On issue. Never Mirasol

spk_1:   8:46
and a kitchen social assailant to She came into proof of steak. McCord You, Kevin, shop Harry for Russia, Hasna socialism. And how hard was that? That all charting goes? Ah, Mellie Grant's got Forget Antony, issue a body Dara Sha Sha Tin and cross Hagee's Ah Brooklyn. Thought Ah, Father was never tired, honey. Ah, it's also that transact. See what idea for Saturday, Shleifer, show on him. Ah, Chako! Ah, Little Tokyo! Sir! Judicial sculptural! The letter to eat a bicycle shop. Ah, care Was that drama stability? Ashish Mag Nouvelle aumento Ah! Transact Seahawk Niko The day also Cassetti ships with Dachau. Ah, that's your shopping

spk_0:   9:36
again? Yes, The scars that were shot holes. Like for my own shock serving problema. You're quite a guy. Last night was a national

spk_1:   9:44
again. Ah, again, a letter I will know. Ah, 40 yuan Aqua. Yoshikazu! Tosha, Go! Go on, lad. Mattwood! Ah! Get a cocoa servility shown Iwata! What? Ah, right here you have was that boy took up with zombies and shot a Concorde. I said put that valued the Hollows up ish! Aah! Carrots Varnishes are sharp being God's land as I dick. Ah Magloire! Nachama Testa can shoot iniquity O that I don't get to make a dash for the shower before visiting on. Okay, Araqib on record them through. My creed took it. This has social. Oh, Orco massage by Indu is sheer terror and money. About a week ago, TV is so gonna court. Ah Canela. You know so dedicated to transact bookish Ah, before lacrosse uni that all your family or gas are they issue Teo

spk_0:   10:41
Satoshi. That book can accuse the attack with all the problems. Well, Army kitchen when you could be the naughty bonham that your daughter later off the Calumet Army keeps me integrate. Thank you Should support Tony take for as I am by house now cash anyways to pair America Dick, listen to tapes. And when you sometimes these milieu and Morocco and host an eco age a tandem tow you could they You could get a shot Sato Shanika Probably Miami Yokota Komori broke lamps astonish. Probably my asset anthem. My gosh, you're pregnant for you as a care. Basically young programmers can push a good now, Gordon. Yeah, I think it's because the Sheikh was detained against Octavio Hasna. Sometimes you care about and I even make me a terroristic ish issue recorded on a black clad word yet on any student and cost and neuro Hasna hotline and the shaving with a point us for wire mega and I kid you think it gives them I mean, did you get that We want me. Hanya Hotel Marsh washed a go bag. Shabana Young, kitschy lag was Astrakhan the hot Canadian PM Beacon Elam's US show Your mantra Gamble issue is like killer on for one more shot like Was an immigrant off freelancer shares that prove I have My boss might border on occasions like this lamp put in Nanking AC for emotion wider on the latest and I can walk around so

spk_2:   12:00
after tomorrow okay, handles at the architect a rabbi and a shark or a jet blue gives an impaired Danish for the wanna communicate a sheet unico Santana charm Double later Hosni the memoranda Because Ishida Yoko Zaban has said there. But chain off correctable causes a chain er could tow, which is a lot to improve and I on top off but be a tow chain. I will live to Grozny on that sentence that you can see we ent

spk_0:   12:29
super weather so that they don't get to pawn Will Anna Coffee. We tash meeting for Ginnie Ah, trash. They don't teach it a technical race from a garage. Ira Yeah, opportunity. And they showed me a hot ashes. Tanaka's IRA because I want someone to give me my wand only sometimes came a short time when I was there. But I mean, you're Wanderley. Sony, Honey, Erica's should get hostile now taken with bull. You know that The room. I see why Ross, initially in the high Andes, at the lot on food howto use it a favour. And I'm leaving some. There are social and extremely McCormick locator That isn't here. Bank cash. Get them hot hit news. The will I roam entered yet there. Why the you gotta kick it is that it is in here three year because you can't obey. And with Marga a lot season boom Magna Carta Corbett Queen is killer kids That is a two year as magnets as the will after they lose a hot new what? Steve's all I had the dark attacks and there I am untouchable like ammonia pump at Tommy. I mean, I can Mexico splatter you Be so sure that their home broke out of some tonight, Mr Shukla? Them Lakers the creek. He isn't here by my rib in the water were kept away with appears, but ah, show me the cash Or today or the morrow. All set a room and get Dr Tibbett. Quinto, hold Italy! Nadia born. You'd care to name your tail Shaped. What? Appear Snuck? Yeah, I got the pot from taught for hits as a Laika. A Bitcoin in on CIA that you gotta go Knowledge Bala should be Top siders are kishor three make it college crack issue It is that he had both want you. Any other questions that they're getting? Which hotel which I fought You let out sake Tony Abbott. Corinna came back Gives that bait or triable issue you will erase extradition to have sales The market Kabir aa meeting And I guess she electable at Queen to the correctness that they're about to start the costume on the atom. Bohr, give and share your ideas about yours for your muzzle num num tips as well as the queen. Is that macron magnetar? That a remote Sherman toe mash the climate kept over issues. Actually, my robot queen, you could've veracity Montecatini to be or Quinn Tish. Even passable market theory Szechwan McAdoo's economic autonomy win not on a ship which either a tract of king the magma is not Does not matter what Queen market capital knockers that Aaron What Kina. Hello. Even that women is that there's a lot of gullible Haryana. Yeah. Do you think he brought me in on your near the cash? Rudisha Mason was icy. Look, that there could've got in the show calling offering the whole yokota later and they react. It was like a white paper. Your quarter been with jack. Committee is set up in IC mag. Well Oh, shit. Tolimir probably. Um Oh, you know what Jack Keokuk miracles, I guess, shows the archaea Mac a perfect that took turkey when you get there more. And that was like it's menu shaking at their talk and other extra Arabia where you quite cop, knock your car because we pray brought me out to the Indonesians of affected Tisha over me talk and very special dish schuringa take tips as an icy wind would make collective. They hear them Mantegna as a CEO. Ah, yeah, because she goes water which you and get your prayer to Kenya. Kenya because you look they're elect obeah was their court industry has two men being Esther No of Italy but Aaron Monta because they have on yours from a Zeiss you knew us on Saturday because they're Kotomi and even balloon extra. Misha, that latter to where you got that Gormogon's eyes to your boomer was a dance. You perfect addition. Because I really quit affected fish world in Cabot, Suzie and Bhutan is you should em back, vacuum a symptom or kick them after much separately in economics and even a magnesite koryu bm problem at one o'clock, Meg. Ah, keep on a chopper out. Bush, let me and the black phone not ban the media. Take care. We need your road map. It should be Joe Catano shooken into with a cow. No more technical organisation. Fundamental Ashrams ish. Yeah, but I mean you gotta go The sdo canonisation world about them too. Don't I feel about terrorist

spk_1:   16:28
in a bamboo Tom Bana The Abenaki gods the shirts King keeping busy and hold your scam boards or a chair or the Iraqi Sato Mbalula Ah centrally wears off minor One is back with a new tactic

spk_0:   16:42
and they come them

spk_1:   16:44
Beat going Bang! Asked at the mental act of willing to ensure a climbing at that point they shot the show in the world Who would you personally or you want a Kindle with our Storey who are big combining a scapegoat for granny ish Ah Kitaro Malaysia City Sephora to confront a hostile Afghanistan because about there, any four barrel are pains the fish the fact that a shooter nish was safe. A solider what we'll see in a sheet of chickens with also the notary says that because I see collectors. Ah, the artificial metal of America PR for what? That hold Ah may get you interview. Has that vanishes? Their parish start upto The king only offered Bill on the court. Ah, foot on blackfella zoo tickle our orbit going No collateral, no plan our karaoke there So that water going look issue dealing. It's such a cause that belly LaHood Ah, Bobby called by association in which a Kabul border trade seats or bar at art Which Ross Or does that mean? Come on, keep a killer And also the vessels that left that commitment that I asked him to call you My grandma here level I got was that classical attic will be a Sabra coma because the John Rochon, your core hot, all good, accurate born, Albany and social Karina told me that Hey, Takeshi, repeated fellow growth So that when the time for George Michael Epidemic, which has stopped tomorrow no more strongly hostile, we tell you. Ah, yeah. You'll escape with horror with them banana of millionaires like Bella offer the guy. See, we shook moxie when I don't give a shit thereto mash the fact that you showed up. I mean, that sounds like

spk_0:   18:24
your initial. Yeah, West appear that will make her shit anyway. And my own music. We've perfected the change when the water makes get icy balm. No effort at a woman except war issue. Toby Water telling ashamed with water. Miss Campbell, What water in your belt That inched camera. Also, Migiro should take Abby. Usually you remember Hobby Arconada on that. A stepsister are sure gonna make a dish. You escape a shock and a magnificent anthem educator. And I see all the chemo. Special market kept top tease. The who said that? Well, you got the manual. What? Margo oas. I see where and when you come to your wish. Your wish, Nick. You're quite Ilaga. The hot almost forgot to knock, man. Maybe something like, you know, You know, you're a psycho woman. Limitation on time. Yeah, What gives it the cricket that is. And yours one? Yeah, as their mates as well. After share, too. Ghetto for ya, Nishio. And ditto Tiger. A benefactor. The issue, sir. Fleischman, You kids, if your issues that makes that stole a shuttle from our own set the college factory Monda or affected fish we were looking at practise knocking determination on seriously my Lieutenant Norton, a manager at a Coco Chanel's district number at attack at a U for Serbia, Queen Boy's Fiat or whatever. Hi tech. When you get there quick, it is at its annual It's manure Myisha Russia. Kenneth Stansell After after utero stay for your best detectives as merely with, well, our Stefano's toe Tekmira Minnie's food occurred and the marketing programme Fella station whole oppose ASHA issued Toby because our troops as merely with all our me How you want to come back with that to master Gentlemen, give Emily a little after Donahue so deserted your mother goes off water Bigger collective. Correct your body. They prove after you retire Be more. I do that when I shorted hotel mash succotash Contemptible cabbie Hossam says the lateral that should cap against you was funny shows what you were Well, yes, we What are you like some? It's your word against waters are escaping our whole lives. You're willingly return home about the yak A stick away again, my lord d smash truck as me or Fisher is sold left. Dilemma was taken back for you. That mean I keep in a You know, your joke is that the rumours are short prayer to thee A purely with onto my gob. I know you're a sick wishes, as I guess the minister wants to You

spk_1:   20:46
know that I see orcas. Lactation court roll a clock, That's what. What? Nietzsche, Reuter Shammy and service that what hotel? Shag me. Ah, Robin. Ah! Now you get ah, Alan Yuri's natty Avenel. Socotra, Spain's Udo Computer on the quad choc Keep the world at your feet like a court. Ah, Big Nanami on the Midway atoll Zero tells of a typical white paper. My attack, which ah Foo backing the thought that he had had a hellish with videos off them on the might I see

spk_0:   21:20
again, again? I

spk_1:   21:21
beg you, get them all you

spk_0:   21:22
can because I will tell that was boiling sugar. I see what That means you're buying paper by Minister for Gloria. Who are you? Mogul? What? CIA? My God, You got the clothes? Are starting your immediate stare at me like it's not just a cramp. I paper slapped on your category system. Water copies were caught him with the mass you guys took Nicky, Aaliyah, Gracie, Maggie's better Linden And what we need to get that was America they schlepped virtuoso took her from Jakarta was our proactive marketer criminalise human first request attack that they're as acquiring a perfect addition. What's going on in Ohio? Tanaka Let me is the only hope I can imagine your ship's about taking on a new one in Neosho. Catfish? Yeah, there, Karan, When I'm leave some international because the theatre thing? Because I see. Okay, it Sure. Any call Mark about their work at the national Your boy Sag ish. We should get to it from just the survivors. Ash Democracy Patria Castillo That are the security token offering we are us in with at all times. So I took biology exam with escaped. They've been in his eyes, you know, go for a lot of wear. Who let a secretary talk and I curse was where they put guests at that Muslim and they were shocked him and call me that your daughter goes. I show the splatter marks maximum security token neck. I'm quitting my kitchen. Somebody's gotta book last night me and then keeping it to Jack, my firm anatomy issue. Could American recess today? She's not my aunt. Emma Gabbana allowed one. The menu. Asaba. Bella, Misha, That don't mean I lost my age. Autumn Ogata's terror. What Morgan About that. Their own pregnant. We were caballero tonight's execution machine

spk_1:   22:56
again over Alabama Problem. That's a full blown it out up All that wass moga are rancid, Rommie. Ah, I mean Mucha because after a quick tow that it does after all that she get Ah ah, no comical at Cooper's Got the team because of that. Ah ve alway upon closer observation food Dasha Moscow moguls Or that there that I'm plot for 10 close observation. Get my glad, Tierney. A weak heart. But Conrad Keisha Amedeo, you manage a harsh a little Arcadia Shima Barmy assault. Vera Ah ah Settles on me. Ah, we're modem. You cut that You can't hold alleged Peron, Tropical left foot on the Quantico Chig Army Leader given Vic FutureNet urban market fears the other border a Sikh sheiks murder. Ah, also, RJ programme on me, Bobby in. Ah, saga Potash in with the hot air Take attached a sheet Magas near Avalon. Monica Carrio issues Ian against soccer Svetla Modern Ah, Problem of food total buying a ski back neck She's, I think a Terra as I know that I'm 40 Wish before called World Here take. I want that. Ah, that is at issue here We went badly Marshall. I'm in the Arctic and

spk_0:   24:17
Antarctic gazebo. Where were you? Are also the issue order that they don't parentage or younker an asset. That whore they mean to differently. That opera cast your fate as to photo this horse nanny with Misa Platformer. If you got my mag, leave Utoya tape. It killed me that I was so deep It doesn't Yeah, If the making of the shroud that centre is a top we can see without Millennium back Me, Wanda! Lotte! I was naked. We are I am certain you could that No, this feels that Callie after yeah

spk_1:   24:46
again again All ran circles. The the programme was no sand heart there that were mean bean An alleged that a hardware hot there Marta Leo buying us keep food typically shows a set that off mid mash programme server Parker got Haas narrow cage programme was ash never mean solidity. Ah, from what? What kids are well again The somewhere bounce off that programme was the market that I'm with VP and not a digital was terminology expedition like this I bet you were about so that

spk_0:   25:23
we can ensure your quarter with them who led directly to women then poor national coach Vega start apart on foot Yeah, it's menu Chef Jeff Is it not a reindeer at their? Hopefully although they keep on the Shannon occurred figure there are women who reach cast that comes on the radio or the share because shape with a hole here which harmony across police mug a programme will talk or metre after unique that occurred that such a programme for insertion food, food, food, dish food that a car bomb Benham a millimetre me, Larry Chisholm Cavett and she gets is up that way so quickly

spk_1:   25:59
you get ahead of you won your court at Of course,

spk_2:   26:02
you've been edgy and cool that is actually your bacon and shaking. No minion from additional programme when he returned there because they know he's a dreamer. Authority bigger and see. Krishna snapped into them for their destiny in the state that

spk_0:   26:17
they're gonna go in the water because ABBA that they were also even operate on quarter, could easily for the way you have a B ab o k. The press as well. You look well on you. Catch it at the often called America's Akira SoCo says they're the issue came I got that centre that optical Matsuoka going Alice, of course, after they shot Kat. Okay, but William, which mirror also on that

spk_2:   26:38
again, have paella for the new crack it sentiment in the cells with my amazing get kid feel at Lambeau. There led to finish making literatures needy sensitive because there's a dish, Mikhalych says. A dish potential in me to do your integrity. At some point, you have a showcase for that centre is that plot for my freedom. 13 had us with a local Pashtun of technique, which we should cash and Milito. Roger McGuinn says it is smart, contracted, awkward. OnStar says this case you Big Ben number Twitter, Malcolm X, John Apparel Mac To attain a call then make because Aunt Rita give you that. Isha, is she about to go Ninja And two, She could hear you thinking My God! Just a strong man Never met a man who was

spk_0:   27:25
hit because every pair that Chiana look do you feel when you can? I almost don't rolled me when you keep was not a tear Make it tell me Tell me where my hand at a time he was the model of the room is charming kids Bashiti Yokota left with as models Of course, after dish Nicola's input your email because at the shore, if your chaotic as the off the fuel called. But I also want to question level on your mike Failure occurred she get is your lack Of course. There were the family feel Amber. Why Obama feeler try. She had to. She makes your left foot is sure you got every right to the magus Atran locascio

spk_2:   27:58
You get across a sorrow. It is so good to me. You don't know what Matt and Michelle was at over Sampedro us after almost a knockoff instead, Amber, the Ankara um Robot Mac appears under stashed in put candles. Forget forgotten Who alighted at the tyre maker? You should understand Forget entire warning. Would you get that that the s attend? Make it shine Nikos Net Man Hollande might tap dancing in my tails Matic Mommy Cigarette to less money which thes trauma tanto cinematic aka Ronnie Is that a threat to Nick Hanson? According my jacket, and then make a hash out What? The person whom they sent to attend My passion and national See Michaela Pia,

spk_0:   28:39
you can we have a programme that bloke times like you're you're, like the best she can. We have transparent fish, micro machines, the loan issue and you want Corretta D'oh again turkey and a custodian thing with every other woman you because that they're only, um, actually gonna ask your ship to OTA your centrifuge. That issue at Woodmont Hasnawi Hanna wanna show crucial Kateb? They treat the visitation talkto quarter gamble, restitution elicit folklore anyway, it transact your curse. Sugar? Yes, will You will You know who my relationships without on my terrible numbness Them who used him to make sure she would And I put the show on our way in point about all those pillars reminded fees. Attic,

spk_1:   29:19
Akita. Talk it. We're answer for the ego shadow shift. CIA, Suresh legend that are buying a so called Keisha was a copycat transact You got somatic Ah, Almost all atom Knock Vonage yellow paper, every document to army. Or that I am here to our Irish Ah gape Macaws all appointed federation or bombardment Qatar's oil. The idea for launch army Also close observation But Sarah pillows off manufactory food Taught me almost like you showed on the atom bomb is, I think mean that idea Ash Ah, department chair. Ah Mayaguana Kotaro! So the Columbus in a shaky which also shadow Ah Peron chocolate maker having a local service Officials had managed to escape ash Too many originals. Arrow We saw a ZX gas bomb. But my god above Ah Isha, finish the little metal mosque Pon ah gas bottles of liquid minutesand. Okay, Trans Oxy, We must also edged guards Many a tearoom wass auto freak all your rights as manager of all that they have at all Bitcoin a social when it dish would make a record also patrons, are you on? Ah McGee toe attacked a snack. Also, Cotto Ban Escape a calorie Barry's acetic ish. Also, many do a lot. Well, that aftershock Ah, that it wouldn't be right for should I transact you? AAA says at a gas station that we hold upon Ah yeah, Quixote JROTC point bomb. Ah, man, you carry it Standard transact you mostly to which born holding Margo or borrowing choke not transactions whose ideas are gas but can as my hotels or concrete has been began in us there are just many other off parachute cord edge gas paper Manetta Carrier which are most family car Gas day Shara accor us Ah, your sickness No. What's that morning? That edge

spk_0:   31:35
I just thought when you watch is everyone's time Look

spk_1:   31:40
again again that we're the only ah great before Kerry Really a very big idiot there because they really are God's grace.

spk_0:   31:49
You can wear build the coke or Merab or am CET There had Shane neighbour with negative electrons Axios Delia for auto show at the

spk_1:   31:58
you get that we edge transact you at the Toronto International thatyou microseconds. Mindy quits when I desert gas as the hold your head gas off. Ah Mendieta Remorse for what was on the corner? That's our letter. Had a Bakary Gaster but carry ah there for your Ah not they're hatching matata banana skin because of Kei sama Tato Biggest shabu shabu General Kashani Army Corps Cabbage Metre had to transact your core commercial properties.

spk_0:   32:28
I could take against Tobias away like I won. But the

spk_1:   32:31
monotony John ish it make No your photo shows horse Ah, we have bested together We're gonna but I'd limit at all Ah Peron Chicago left with now. Because of what? I saw a lot of food on the sore AAA circuit cafes at Nish. What are so it made you also my gear. Ah, over it was Barry. For what? Radiator at stake. Which poker room ish or chorizo? Victor Asa left with no apparent issue Has Ah, three Alice Eve. Now dash at their account. Got Bhagwan off limit toward Ah, it could be many bear for carrying on the edge or transact. See, Will you close observation of rough attache shock or or diplomatic was only me taught or dig mad? Ah ma cooperate Food Natasha Left foot Neon Ebola harmony, harmony or white paper. My Qatar's attacks There isn't one that Ptolemy Gu Bon Sunako Better but would you caught our only? How would you like that for Tasha? It'll happen. Ah, well, I mean toe a tear gas station on Meg. Wanna little May Keith Dashiki Arctic. That is always the new associates know what's such motions? The hackers appear Take one idea and based on shag was Shala Chew on it that your rare moguls are total ash. Ah, you do, Ben. Accor commercial side Bullish. Back to your damnation Caucasian Forget feather nearby has given damaged and I keep enough food. But how a pasha. Lucien, you know your first name on it? Barr, there are Cora Cora Know you're sick because you shove that. Okey okey, no tearsheet. Meet Sarah. Noelle was a Tory child We're after but dope Niaz Ah, Back up your ass,

spk_0:   34:15
you guys! Because I want medical Toto connect a penalty. But totalitarian estimate remorse Montana insurer will again either as a legacy around 17. Abwehr, Amol, don't Nectar can declare like that. The Chios later was the ost for your cat of sad millio do alive today. I went on in your new secret, Shaka, You can tell all that air inside town. We okay? Most got ashtray. I think most about Ashish. What's missing in your shoes and go Show escape fished. Okay, take your stuff. Oh, God. Took seven Thomas to you That I will show Carter Mean they feature two escorts. My aunt took me there. Hasna howto were angered. Hyperactive. You tell us. I still fastened my certainty. Ah, Mr even kitchen talking. Mickey. She's like a team. Okay, Come here with a hostile howto work we have the fish was although she Tash, that you got a bad feeling about the Qatar goulash over there. Mr. Shashi Uncle tarnish Manuel Lotito attempt of hosting my bush nickel kilometre were Elashi My at that were that were videos on social control. That beast articulate mobile is what I could or Bush where they were going to when I asked also shit anywhere your book. I'm sorry, Nick. Procure me. There were at last you cut. I mean, a fervent floki studio with my OSHA to Garrity. I mean, you gotta guess that Newman corretta to Van or Monaco But the world I'll Astra which make fun we get We still act on anything until now. Know they're trying with the pedal again.

spk_2:   35:45
The ankle is there is a gannet can tell you exactly Travel a local tomato tomah exactly omerta or that with in interviews that came to switch appeared over and there was like it was a very show. Give me a call, then is for active service and

spk_0:   36:00
mental. Maria's Maki and faced issue Father Change took over stumble on the time that it was going to when I am with them to the both in the cab affair with less Asher Carbon AKI AKI Athlete A sham battle Naive. Remember us from Barry Schweid they mean to you with that really have come with a calamitous trickery. Women, they come with us. Took firm O'Gara lovely beast OSHA Gosha was out of the business magazine Nakia away the illustration mogul and his ideas from Seneca Keep it, Keisha. Okay, Relation with again Ted McGrath has also sheet Ashish other tyre last year in the front. Well, Morgan, talking these Arash we, as in every secret, has to shake, get be associate with an atmosphere mechanisation Giordano have whatis my laptop to without Don't appear that What about Tyrell Ashley? Lefty, who's took an Equity River and get everyone Cabbie, that the Yoshioka safehouse Ashmore Jake is funder. Ah, Okay. Like I got out of that safe was talking on a sat on a time. Show me sometime. Really? About cashed. Eva was more goes at their own enterprise Alliance for me. You gotta go our store with my valour Tishman crap tables at their own Banish Mogambo book Times boy would issue. Actress Takako is the focal point of Charles. There may be a very moving and I only had an idea. And ata, I only has a median at eyelash. Now you're struck some bio stash one? Yeah, Miljan One time, I mean than Tabish make women than a question of macadamia. They moved in after the show. Kalash a woman Because I am national committee meeting where I'm sure sponsor shares a horseback Leatrice so that their own enterprise alliance Well, you got the hot Amish moody folk to Chris or there You got a condition, fella Sticky Ah sama, Crash nuclear Megara She talkto up the capsule Scottish mood circuit. Which bidder on the open market? Artemus has our support to show Asheninka Microsoft dyin G g p Morgan will take care of the intel that Latiker your kata kata mush. Muti Cohen. So, Akiko, there a tactical? Yeah, Val, Iggy and I am a toast to Jack Mission on a sugar bender. Suffolk taquerias their cultural bar kitchen to Jenna Cottage when you're banished for sure. But they were allowed. They I'm shattered because of the commas. Actually, whenever me, they might took me with Pierre that okay? Shit, Like

spk_2:   38:22
better, actually. Antemortem, ma'am, we don't know Yankee. She gets depressed. Dagestan forgot because most marketplace the fall upon that's interesting application. Just kissed Antonius validated. Micah Police, technically correct. Gives an impaired tau E B or exists. I get back to splash out on X. They're making juices ideas broaching Allah problem. Fire was in his shop. Imagine Adam Aja crime. Additionally, Mr Neville, all of it don't miss my contractor to some fair and meaningless strands of funeral plans on and start over. Was that atomic? Because its second as the function escort there was socially more. Damn, We're going up in a minute. That'll matter. Mosque was interested. Let that late Rosny Montigny viewed Spanish being stance. Myron Ahmad understands that saddle took Celesta Stanny on image Adriatic Stance at Austin, a member and acquisitions or Alex or Second Media to smash our only case should be equipment A manatee gonna shahwan Solution Camembert and stupid Victor Racine Mon Ami A little faster communication mobile market with Palestinian sweet me and forecast that need our sort of book 100. Look, last bloke answered magnetic Madonna can attorney Would macro gas prices are and their cousin Shiratori also mine ingratiate and that you should wear necker cranky mind one guest. It's a guest in America we shall up then search a Kate and make it a family solidity. Bad care that my gear me off the contracts. Many, many Benton candidate Grozny with making Otero's name Jennifer, Tommy and Fernando told Kanna need totemic because they're taking station hesitation. ISS Nadal is also common. Barroom you about Sukar and deckers and make out there's an atomic because idea maybe a rat to randomly shot issues. Wiki slash At what time I got sick and couldn't never can care for us. Danny,

spk_0:   40:30
who was that lady? Have a cachet shirt. If I was stalked by her work with the staple of Turkish here with that stuff, a glow to your loyal shopper, Ramos Hasna at also edited the immediate Tunisia XO Chiana Octo Ah Report to show national later Vieira Peroni Avera humanitarian Come which would take you three bells Muneer forgot their only paid off some What do they want? Your name in capital? Where? Or wash somebody's telling the mannish pair that with mobile bloke I'm so came back. You gotta go files actually mastered the cake Has to quit for your retirement means cash at key shape that I want. You and Jessica are really sort of the people. Most of all the you You ve been many raccoon uniform on cattle Ali, the head of the Johnnies 20 on the young carignane.

spk_2:   41:14
And can I get a room? You two the markets and I mean mostly Pearson Impaired does a investigation to begin to defend this token with mature five pump Most fancied a look their location in combat. Selina Colletta, who

spk_0:   41:29
suppressed that they

spk_2:   41:32
get on with Korbel Akio Commas issue could

spk_0:   41:35
be adjusting

spk_2:   41:35
the beef calf

spk_0:   41:37
against Morgado that the mainstream attack officially mainly on tie will I looked at those business Your camera ever reappeared for electric or one Dr Yamazaki And so they depend to Paramus, the abortion I only on commission says one million cash attack last night. Ah, you know, Yeah. With time. Marty. On that family is a terrible example Shops. And I think I should like what I worry about my fears. I also

spk_1:   42:02
your left tactic off atomic. Each family had like that near on my whole sulla terra beside the mcu dot meanie which Donnie and hurt a lot of the work. You were the podcast which are lucky. Your bobble. A value on our core accord That one minute Bhutanese nick began which your

spk_0:   42:22
radio keypad again. Shit like I do Watch your step. There were on the quiet and I keep the FARC upon who hole up, Uncle, your opportunity here get could soon canopy Ramsey a shake and a shocking case it to the monarch phenomenon Politician as Marshal lo fundamental issues with that talk Your contract Cinta had wanted the top sides, but I might not Never someone that you have forgot because it was a pretty special. 00 Bush Man, you gotta took a whole apartment. Tommy has a podcast. Dish will be so much because as water that Zelenka shook had me, him and the bishop had attacked you. Suture est Ah! Ah! Hello. Set up near the canyon instead shall fall upon comic Taiwan chateaux choo choo gone loony in a circus. A Shawn. Something about April. Lack of Sherman to everywhere. Make issue more. Another session of nematode in the martial arts. I woke up the next. Take the custom hard. You eat what took shots of Santa Maria. You want Jessica to my generals That the rumour Well ah, was a Magog attack a bit going? Keisha question if Richard they have to get a car. But you can't hold a punk on their car. Actually, somewhere Spotify should get shava. Ah, tested. I mean, they can crawl into the hole up from Qatar. What? Take your catfish. Direct phone, too. Shabby info, but area Turkish Mayport. Yes, that is true. The car got me going toward the Turkish Cieslak. Shazza!

spk_2:   43:40
Good seeing you Si esto

spk_1:   43:42
Because he si esto

spk_0:   43:52
keep it off our car. Married? Fuck about us After you