leadership and resilience


November 11, 2021 Karl Beckett
leadership and resilience
Show Notes

Layth Abdullah shares his experiences following a life changing bicycle accident and how he has moved forward with positivity and purpose

Please Note there is some Adult content contained within

36 mins 

Qs summary Content 

1 min 01 sec          What happened on that day 5 years ago?  
4 mins 36 sec        What thoughts were going through your mind days after the accident?   
11 mins 42 sec     What were the immediate challenges you experienced in your first year?
18 mins 52 sec     What are some of the key things which have helped you bounce back?

24 mins 50 sec     How has your outlook on life changed if at all and where are you today?

29 mins 30 secs    If anyone was to go through such a life changing situation such as you experienced what advice would you give them?

31 mins 35 secs     What advice would you give to those closest to the person who is going through such life changing situation?

34 mins                      We have made big inroads with acceptance and accessibility of disability in my lifetime. What more can society be doing on this road of acceptance and accessibility?

36 mins 41 secs  End