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Episode 58: The Evolving Role of the Revenue Manager - How Crisis Breeds Opportunity (Sherri Kimes)
Episode 58: The Evolving Role of the Revenue Manager - How Crisis Breeds Opportunity (Sherri Kimes) 20:24 Episode 57: The Evolving Needs of Revenue Management Support 23:32 Episode 56: Preparing for the Guest of the Future (with Anand Jindal of Wharf Hotels) 25:00 Episode 55: A Look at China’s Hospitality Industry (with Jack Widagdo of Six Senses) 26:29 Episode 54: Career Advice from the Field for Aspiring Revenue Leaders – Part 1 19:48 Episode 53: How Digitization, Personalization & Merchandising Impact Hotels of the Future (with Frank Trampert) 28:46 Episode 52: What should we revenue manage—a guest, a service or a space? (with Richard Valtr) 25:22 Episode 51: Preparing for the Travel & Hospitality Renaissance with Chris Green 25:00 Episode 50: Convergence & COVID with Max Starkov 39:12 Episode 49: How Revenue Management has Changed for the Better with Nele Neirynck – Accor 21:45 Episode 48: The Correlation between Diapers & Beer with Mike Chuma 24:59 Episode 47: Lessons Hospitality Can Learn from Retail with Marco Nijhof 27:04 Episode 46: Breaking Down Silos Toward Luxury Commercial Strategy with Jan Arnold – Rocco Forte Hotels 22:21 Episode 45: Checking the Pulse of Revenue Management – Ulrich Pillau & Klaus Kohlmayr 32:24 Episode 44: Key Takeaways from the Hospitality Technology Hub Live Event 29:27 Episode 43: Black Swan Events – How to Overcome the Unexpected 27:58 Episode 42: A Recipe for Commercial Success – Ben Thomas, Penta Hotels 25:47 Episode 41: The Ultimate Hotel Tech Talk with Jordan Hollander 23:39 Episode 40: Reeducating Hotel Guests to Drive Efficiency & Profitability with Rajiv Trivedi 26:16 Episode 39: Emerging Innovations in Revenue Management—and Beyond! 20:45 Episode 38: The State of Indian Hospitality & Resetting Your Business with Karishma Singh 28:28 Episode 37: I’m an Unemployed Revenue Manager—Now What? (with Patrick Wimble) 23:20 Episode 36: Bring It On with Kristi White of Knowland 45:03 Episode 35: One Year Later – Checking in on China’s Hospitality Industry 22:16 Episode 34: Top 5 Most Popular Podcast Episodes for Your 2021 Strategic Reset 2:12