Meeting Mister Gogus

The Giver and the Given

July 31, 2020 Clive Tempest Season 1 Episode 9
Meeting Mister Gogus
The Giver and the Given
Show Notes

To contain the pandemic people are wearing masks in public places. Does it change your identify, to wear a mask? How does it affect your relationship to others? Does it make you more of a giver or more of a taker?

The instruction to wear a mask is a given of the society - a limitation placed on the individual and you may say it takes something of your identity away from you. But if you’re anxious about coronavirus then your mask is your shield; it gets you back into society and gives you back your role.

There are many ‘givens’ that define our needs as a society. As individuals, what is given and not given, in either a situation or a relationship, is how we define our personal needs.

In this episode I examine how we navigate the network of needs and limitations, and of ‘giving and taking’, that forms society. And I suggest that not much can change in this world unless we change how we give and what we take.

Recorded 28 July 2020

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