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DumpStat Interview: Cedar the Barefoot

September 17, 2021 Horizon Kingdoms
DumpStat - Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
DumpStat Interview: Cedar the Barefoot
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This week, Brill sits down with Cedar the Barefoot and talks all things D&D! Well they also talk about nerdy things like all the fandoms, especially Star Trek. The TikTok creators also go into the interesting life being the app. Listen now! And go check out Cedar here:


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Brill  0:08  
Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, comrades of all ages! I'm of course Arch-Lich Brill, and today I'm very excited because we have a another DumpStat interview with Cedar the Barefoot! Cedar, how are you today? 

Cedar the Barefoot  0:21  
I'm doing good, your Arch-Lichy-ness. 

Brill  0:24  
Yes, Lichiness. Archdukey-ness. Lichy-ness. One of the many titles. I'm happy to say that right now it seems like everything's all right. We had a brief moment of technical difficulties where we had a lovely rhythm going and then the Internet Gods- they're very fickle, and they decided to take away our good time for a brief moment. But I wanted to talk to you because your content is wide, fun, and most importantly, I like the noises? The random noises. But you also do things besides the random noises. You also do things akin to D&D, RPG, and I have seen you built like a little archery thing. I'm still not sure what it's called, but it was a toy that you could pull some- the draw back and fire upon ye enemies.

Cedar the Barefoot  1:14  
Yes, it was a small model of an ancient Roman ballista done by, I believe, the Da Vinci Company. They have the trebuchet, they have catapults. I've been having trouble finding those other siege weapons, but I've always had an affinity for them. I think it's leftover from my Age of Mythology days, honestly.

Brill  1:34  
Okay, are you building a little kind of company for the tiniest siege ever? 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:40  

Brill  1:42  
"Oh no, we're going to go into the pumpkin patch with our siege weapons."

Cedar the Barefoot  1:46  
Who told you!?

Brill  1:47  
Oh, God. Well, you know, Lichdom. But I did want to ask you briefly... Well, first of all, how did you get into RPG, Roleplaying, and D&D as a whole? It's a kind of big hobby. And I'm happy to have you. It's wonderful. But I'm always curious to hear what everybody's origin story is kind of coming into the game. 

Cedar the Barefoot  2:08  
So I dabbled in tabletop RPGs and card games that were popular in the 90s, and certain types of board games that came out in the early 2000s. I think we were into Star Trek The Roleplaying Game, I think that came out in the 80s. At one point we found like an older version in a thrift store. Started D&D before I was 10, sometime around there, but we didn't get to play that much. I lived on the top of a mountain, so I didn't really have that many people to play with, but I tried. But I got into it moreso in college.

Brill  2:38  
I'm starting to make the connections: up on a mountain, siege weapons... I'm starting to get the whole picture here, of you looking down-

Cedar the Barefoot  2:45  
This is my hill!

Brill  2:47  
Looking down on all these Roman legions coming up the path. So you got into these different Roleplaying games. Do you have more of an affinity towards those, or do you prefer kind of D&D? Is there an edition of D&D that you prefer more?

Cedar the Barefoot  3:04  
Okay, that mean like I play mostly D&D with friends, I have mostly D&D campaigns. But I like a couple of other RPGs, tabletop RPGs that I played with friends. I like Deadlands, that's a really fun one. 

Brill  3:18  

Cedar the Barefoot  3:19  
It's like the Wild West, but if the Civil War hadn't ended, and California basically fell into the ocean and now there's this material called Ghost Rock that is like the new gold, and there are spoops and hates and all over. It's just, it's a really versatile, really fun kind of wild west game. I also was into, I think it was Starfinder, those were really- Starfinder is like a bare bones kind of RPG setup. So you can pretty much homebrew whatever you want out of that. But typically, I'm playing D&D these days. 

Brill  3:50  
Are you an active homebrewer at all? Is that something that you do from time to time? To create? To build?

Cedar the Barefoot  3:57  
I like a good homebrew with D&D bones. But I think that's actually most of the campaigns that I'm playing right now. We pretty much follow the rules. We do consult the rules when need be. We take our monsters from there. We take stories from it. We also indulge in some of the lore from Warhammer as well. 

Brill  4:17  

Cedar the Barefoot  4:18  
Yeah, it's actually really cool. I love my DM. He's so talented.

Brill  4:21  
Oh, that's wonderful. I mean, it is awesome to see when people kind of grabbed from different story sources. However, Warhammer lore, for me at least, has always been a little bit intimidating. I don't know why. Maybe it's because everybody has shoulder pads. I'm not sure, but I haven't delved as deep as probably some would when it comes to Warhammer lore. And that's not even talking about Warhammer 40k, I- Oh, my goodness. That's the opposite of Star Trek.

Cedar the Barefoot  4:49  
It's- it's a lot. 

Brill  4:50  
It's a lot!

Cedar the Barefoot  4:52  
It is a lot. It is the very much opposite of Star Trek, which I'm like really interested in why I got so into it when he brought up the ideas for it. He showed us a mini that he painted for a boss fight we were about to do, and I looked at it and I was like, "Does that thing have a mouth on its stomach? Is that a mouth? Or is it just a gaping wound? No, it's a mouth, it's got teeth. Nope, I hate it."

Brill  5:16  
I mean, to be fair, I will- of all the things, we did an episode all on miniatures way back in the day. But out of all the different fandoms of all the different roleplaying stuff, Warhammer really has their shit together when it comes to just creating minis. 

Cedar the Barefoot  5:32  
Oh, yeah.

Brill  5:32  
They are absolutely beautiful. But there is kind of this thing, like you said, where sometimes you're looking at one and it's just like, "Is it's head it's ear? And is its ear it's leg- I don't understand fully what this thing is. I don't know where to look." How do you paint it?

Cedar the Barefoot  5:51  
How DO you paint it? I ask him that all the time. He's really into painting miniatures as well, I've looked at these creatures. He shows us like, "Oh, here we have the infantry. Here we have the cavalry for this whatever have you." And I'll look at something else. This is like a big beast that they're going to bring in like a big tank. Why are its feet hands? And why are there twelve of them?

Brill  6:16  
And then you look at it and you're like, "But you knew how to paint it! You figured out the way to make it look nice despite the fact that its feet are hands, and its hands are feet, and its head's inside out with a crow on the head- like I don't understand it fully." 

Cedar the Barefoot  6:30  
Something like that. 

Brill  6:31  
Something akin to that. 

Cedar the Barefoot  6:32  
It's like coming out, but also on the inside. "And did you paint all of the fingernails? What?"

Brill  6:39  
Yeah, well, I mean, it's kind of funny though, just because when you're trying to talk to those people about these different inspirations for D&D, all this different lore that somebody could jump on to... It is kind of interesting to see where different DMs kind of draw from. Do you ever find yourself DMing? Or are you far more in the player seat?

Cedar the Barefoot  6:58  
Lately I've been on the player side of things. I have DM'd, I was actually more of a one shot kind of DM, or like doing improv DM and stuff like that. I trained in classic theater as well as improv, and various types of entertainment. So improvisation has pretty much carried my D&D DMing career, if you will. I haven't DM'd in a while. But I'm trying to convince some friends to maybe do a little campaign in which everybody has their class and their race, but I'm just going to turn them all into dogs.

Brill  7:36  
Wait, okay, okay, I need to ask about that then. You can't bring that up and me not know. Okay, so everyone's a dog. Sure. I'm so on board with this. You have no idea. But my two questions for that is: Is it... They create a Dwarf and then you go "Actually, it's a pug"? Is it related to what race they are for what breed? Or do you just kind of-

Cedar the Barefoot  7:58  
 That is actually really funny that you said that.

Brill  8:00  
Or do you have like a rolling table where it's just like, "Huh! Shitzu. I'm sorry, Dragonborn, I don't know what else to tell you. You're a dog now."

Cedar the Barefoot  8:07  
I had the idea for a rolling table. But there were some folks who said "I want to be this dog." We're gonna do something like that. And I'm like, "Oh, okay, yeah, absolutely." It's funny you said like, "Oh, you're Dwarf but now you're a pug." And one of them actually was like "Oh, if I'm gonna play a Dwarf I want to be a pug."

Brill  8:24  
I mean, it's either a pug or probably something- maybe a bulldog. A bulldog would be a Dwarf I could see that. 

Cedar the Barefoot  8:30  
Ah yeah, English Bulldog. 

Brill  8:33  
Yeah, no, that's a good jump. I mean, to be fair, if I- if the choice comes up to turn into a dog, you're just sitting there going like, "Please Golden Retriever. Please something kind of majestic, at least, and adorable. I don't know if I can do poodle town. Not yet." 

Cedar the Barefoot  8:49  

Brill  8:49  
Alright. If you got to turn into a dog, where do you go? What's the breed? What's the go to?

Cedar the Barefoot  8:53  
Oh, you can't ask me that question. I have a whole plan for, like, a future life of reincarnation or something like that. This is a whole thing. Just long story short, if I were to become a dog for whatever reason, I would be half Bernese Mountain Dog and half Lab. Maybe even a smidge of Golden Retriever therefore making them less half-and-half and more like, a-third-a-third and whatever.

Brill  9:18  
Oh shit, you really have broken this down. 

Cedar the Barefoot  9:22  
You have no idea, Brill. This is a lot more broken down. Any of my friends listening to this podcast right now are gonna just roll their eyes and be like, "Agh, Cedar's on about the dog reincarnation thing again."

Brill  9:37  
They go out into the street all the time and go, "Hey, can you please turn me into a dog? There's nobody who's gonna do it."

Cedar the Barefoot  9:45  
But why?

Brill  9:47  
I'm glad that we just kind of struck the surface of your entire, we'll say, dog reincarnation world belief. I think everybody has that somewhere. Absolutely, for sure. I do want to ask: So when you were going into DMing, and you wanted to do these one shots, have you considered doing a long-term campaign? Or is that just, it's hard to commit to? I mean, I'm a forever DM. So I'm kind of always behind the screen. That's just where I live. I don't know what to do if you gave me a character sheet. I would probably cry. 

Cedar the Barefoot  10:22  
Blessings upon the forever DMs. May they be satisfied. 

Brill  10:27  
As long as they give me snacks from time to time, I'm pretty good. Give me some chips, and I'll be fine. I won't cry that session.

Cedar the Barefoot  10:35  
Don't sit me down at a table with like a jug of water and, like, a crisp. What are you talking about? You can't just sit down with water at a table. This is not a restaurant. This is a D&D game. Yes, I want water but I also want other things.

Brill  10:51  
That's, that's so funny. I had one-I don't know. And I'm not trying to fight or deny the fact that people should eat healthy. That is correct. I understand that. I don't because I'm a Lich and I can live forever. But listen, I was at a- I was at this just DMing this one one shot. And the person who told me to come over to DM for them basically said, "Hey, I'll give you food. Don't worry, you'll be fed." And at the time, food was hard to come by for me. I was scrounging a little bit so I was like, "Hell yeah." 

Cedar the Barefoot  11:26  
Been there. 

Brill  11:26  
Beggars shouldn't be choosers, but when I sat down, they're like, "Here is some salad. And here is a pickle." And I looked at it. It was this small bowl of salad and a pickle and I was like, "I don't know how to ask for more food. But this is not going to do it. I'm sorry. This is what you feed the rabbit. I'm a little bit worried for my own health. If I out from low blood sugar in this thing, this is on you guys. I need some help." 

Cedar the Barefoot  11:55  
Should rabbits eat pickles? 

Brill  11:58  
Uh, you know, I'm not a Druid. But I'm gonna throw out a guess and say yeah. Yeah. Yes. 

Cedar the Barefoot  12:04  
Going back to your question about-

Brill  12:06  
Feed your rabbit a pickle. See what happens. 

Cedar the Barefoot  12:11  
See what happens! Going back to your question. Yeah, I mean, being- I was more of a one shot DM out of necessity because I mostly DM'd back in college and people were graduating left and right and moving away and such, or they had classes, so we couldn't really stick with a long term campaign that long. We tried it a couple of times, but then they just fell off. I would really love to DM a long term campaign. I have so many stories locked up in my head and so many ideas and so many devious, horrible plans. I think as a long term DM, I would be fair but cruel.

Brill  12:52  
Yeah. Okay. Are you- are you just kind of in it for the consequences, then? Are you kind of looking at the party like, "You COULD pick up that cursed gem, BUT, dot dot dot, see what happens next." Is that kind of the vibe you're going for, or "fair but cruel" more as a, "Well, I'm just going to throw 10 Trolls at you when you're in the dead of night, when you're sleeping. It's fine."

Cedar the Barefoot  13:15  
Oh, no, no, I'm not going to be that type of-

Brill  13:18  
 That's cruel more than fair. 

Cedar the Barefoot  13:20  
That's a different type of cruelty. I'd say more of the previous than the latter. Only if they actually- no! I would never do that to my players. I would never! I mean, if they did something that would warrant consequences, I might roll on a certain encounter table that I have been building for several years non-obsessively.

Brill  13:44  
I love so you are- it seems like you are a total random encounters DM. Is that something that you really enjoy, to roll and just let the chaos of the game kind of fan itself out?

Cedar the Barefoot  13:59  
I think that's where I had my strengths when it came to one shots, I suppose. And not having folks available for a long term session. I think that's where my strengths have lain. But I think I would like to continue to learn, and learn more long term base kind of things. I would love to build a world and watch a story come to life, and let these characters find out and figure out who they are, and find out what kind of person they'll be, and go through their backstory arcs and stuff like that. I just, it sounds so attractive and so crunchy.

Brill  14:36  
I mean, it is something that at least for me, I've kind of been on the opposite end. I'm not really a one shot DM. I'm a "Okay, if you pick me for your DM, we're in this for 20 sessions." That is kind of what I've developed, I guess, over time. Which I know some friends of mine have been a little bit like, "Hey, could you please try a one shot one time?" And I'm like "No. Only epics. I only know how to do those." 

Cedar the Barefoot  14:59  
We have Act One, Act Two, Act Three, and Part Four.

Brill  15:04  
And whatever Part Five is- Epilogue- people like to come back. But I do think that that's kind of where I enjoy the most. And I agree: building a world, seeing that kind of play out is always exciting. However, my only thing that I've learned as a person who gets distracted easily, world building is difficult. I don't know how people can just come up with these incredible names, places, cultures and ideas. I'm looking at a mountain for 20 minutes on a map I drew and I'm like, "Mount Doom- dammit Tolkien. Um, okay. The... Misty Mountain? Tolkien again, dammit.

Cedar the Barefoot  15:44  
Down in the deep, 
where the dragon used to sleep- Oh, sorry.

Brill  15:47  
Oh, no. Down, Down to Goblin town. Ho, ho, my lad. Absolutely. 

Cedar the Barefoot  15:52  
Yes, absolutely. 

Brill  15:53  

Cedar the Barefoot  15:54  
That's what Bilbo Baggins hates. 

Brill  15:59  
I'm running out of my songs. That's hilarious, to duel in just Tolkien soundtracks. 

Cedar the Barefoot  16:06  
Oh, yeah, absolutely. I'm that kind of DM. 

Brill  16:10  
Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire". I don't know. But yeah, Desolation of Smaug, of course. So now that you're kind of into the player side of D&D, do you have a favorite class? Do you have like, a class section that you go towards, like spellcasters? Or are you more of a melee player? What kind of suits your fancy on that end?

Cedar the Barefoot  16:36  
Honestly, I find myself unintentionally kind of being the jack of all trades. Every time I create a character. I am interested in trying a different race or trying a different class, and I try to- sure, we all have the characters that are somewhat, or very much, a reflection of ourselves or what we would aspire to be if we in fact were in some sort of fantastical land. I like to think more. I like to go deeper. I like to go further out. I like to try things. I do, of course. have an affinity for Druids, but I feel like that goes without saying.

Brill  17:15  
Well, I was about to say that. That's on brand for suresies. Well, I mean, what kind of race class combos have you tried but you've been kind of happy or surprised by?

Cedar the Barefoot  17:28  
initially at one point in my time as a player I would try and be the character who picked up the weaknesses of the party I guess. Like, "Oh, what do we have? We have a healer, we have a spellcaster, and we have a Cleric. Okay, well, we need a tank." So I used to think about it strategically, but I have been able to really kind of take off and not think about just, like, from like a player aspect, get more into the character itself. I think one of the weirder- not weirder, but like... She was a full Orc. I forget what her name was. It had a lot of x's in it. Xylortha? Xylorxia, or something like that. Xylorxia Steadyhand. 

Brill  18:11  
Xeanor, yeah. 

Cedar the Barefoot  18:13  
Something like that. She was initially a Bard, but then she took classes in Fighter for Gunslinger because we were, all of a sudden, placed in a very much World War Two kind of scenario. Because that's what our DM was kind of into at that point. And it was really cool. It was really cool. She had like, the cannon that she could just pick up and in one hand and shoot like a pistol. 

Brill  18:38  
Oh shit.

Cedar the Barefoot  18:39  
And she had really good aim. I made sure I took some good feats. In the end, she blew up, but you know, that's how it goes.

Brill  18:45  
Well, c'est la vie. I mean that's, you know, live by the gun die by the gun. Kinda. 

Cedar the Barefoot  18:50  
Oh yeah. Oh actually, yeah, she was pregnant, too! I forgot about that. 

Brill  18:53  
Oh, well, then nevermind. 

Cedar the Barefoot  18:57  
No, she died the way she wanted to die. And it was fine. 

Brill  19:01  
Good. I mean, it's, it's kind of funny. I like always asking that kind of question about what people gravitate to. And it's always interesting to see where people lean. I mean, for me, it's kind of been this weird thing where I've been in the hobby for so long and tried so many different race class combos that I keep finding myself just... Every time I play something, if it's not a Wizard, if it's not a spellcaster, I'm longing for magic. It's a very strange piece of who I am but I it's always something that I enjoy from the game and from the systems. The idea that you can kind of manipulate reality around you through the arcane is always something that I've enjoyed. 

Cedar the Barefoot  19:44  
Oh yeah.

Brill  19:45  
So as I become more and more of a forever dm, those few brief windows where I get to be a player, I'm immediately Wizard I don't know what race yet. He's just a Wizard. I know that for a fact. I will love it all the same if they're just a Wizard. 

Cedar the Barefoot  20:00  
He likes to have his snoz dipped into the books and he bring the spells in the morning with his tall pointy hat.

Brill  20:08  
It was funny too. I even tried to be a Warlock for a while I- probably one of the longest characters I played was a Warlock because I like to try things. But I remember the first time I ran out of spell slots, and I'm like, "This sucks. I want my spells. I'm so mad." 

Cedar the Barefoot  20:27  
I love the warlocks. 

Brill  20:29  
I do too. I was just sitting there going like, "Why couldn't my patron give me more spells? I want more."

Cedar the Barefoot  20:36  
I'm actually kind of playing like a mash up Warlock right now. Oh, man. I really love this character. So in a campaign that we're doing right now I am playing a deaf Monk named Kenan. As far as he knows he is human. But in some of the backstory, I just gave, like some bullet points of his backstory for the DM so that the DM could just take it where he went- he's my usual guy. 

Brill  21:02  

Cedar the Barefoot  21:02  
Yeah, he was created, if you will. Not sure why, not sure how. He was raised in the monastery. He was a 3.5 character initially, and he was going to be taken from his realm, 3.5 into 5e, that's how we kind of justified it. I had to, like convert the character sheet and everything. 3.5 was really, really like mathy based and I was comfortable with it. Because that's what I played most of the time.

Brill  21:29  
Yeah, no, 3.5 has got a rule for everything, man. You can really, you can really get crazy. That was actually my first edition. 

Cedar the Barefoot  21:37  
Yeah, me too. 

Brill  21:38  
And it was so funny jumping from that to fifth edition, where it's like, "Hey, what happens when I land on somebody's head?" And when 5e just came out people were like, "Meh! Well, we'll figure it out."

Cedar the Barefoot  21:49  
Like, "What do you mean, we'll figure it out? I had to make like three very intense grapple checks, and I still blew up." 

Brill  21:57  
Yeah, no, in 3.5 it's like, "There are eight paragraphs you have to read on that. What do you mean, 'we'll just- we'll figure it out.'" I will say that that's one of the joys of 3.5. So you jumped from 3.5, you moved that character over to 5e?

Cedar the Barefoot  22:12  
Yeah. He was kidnapped from his dying realm that I decided that 3.5- not necessarily 3.5 itself, but the dimension he was in was a desolate world. So he was one of the lone survivors of this horrible war... Typical kind of thing where some unknown dark entity comes forward and slowly absorbs all of the people until there's nothing left. And now that realm is completely gone. But he was saved, initially kidnapped, as far as he knew, by a beloved NPC of my friend's-as-usual campaigns, a very mad Gnome who currently goes by the name of Six. He kind of just poofed into existence next to Kenan when he was picking some time on a hill, and grabbed his sleeve is like, "Oh, you!" And then poofed back over to their dimension. And Kenan just emerges in this cloud of smoke like Grunkle Ford did in Gravity Falls. He just like kind of looks around at the party, and this is a group of characters, mind you. These folks have picked up madnesses, they've drawn from the deck of many things, there's like some artificial body horror stuff going on with them. They're all different races that were not available back with 3.5. I forget- it was a Triton. One of them's a Triton and he goes by the name or the nickname the alias, "Sharkbait." 

Brill  23:34  
Oh, that's pretty good. 

Cedar the Barefoot  23:36  
And then there's like a Gnome with glowing red eyes. Yes. And then like a Tabaxi....

Brill  23:42  
They look like a party that has been adventuring for a while. They've gone through their shared upside downs- ups and downs. "Upside downs." Yeah, upside downs works. 

Cedar the Barefoot  23:51  
Very much upside downs. Yes. 

Brill  23:53  
And they are your characters just looking around like, "Oh, what the fuck? What? What is going on here?"

Cedar the Barefoot  24:00  
Kenan had initially come from a very serious story. And being one of the last survivors of a broken world, of course he's going to be more serious. Granted his character in that way was a little most... They encourage monks to be lawful neutral when it comes to the handbook stats and game sessions like "Oh, usually you find them lawful neutral," or whatever like that. So the thing is, because he was created- or Cauldron born is the term I use- He didn't feel things the same way other people did. He had no want of anything. He simply ate when he was hungry. He slept when he was tired, and he just existed. And in our campaign, he's started feeling things, but this is because he has carried a piece of the darkness from his realm to this realm. And he has 11 levels in Monk, but now he's taken on a level in what we're kind of homebrewing a little bit: Symbiotic Warlock. Yeah, it's kind of cool! He swears now, which was not a thing. I'm not sure if you've seen, if you are familiar with the Venom comics as well as the recent films?

Brill  25:15  
Oh, I- very much so. Funnily enough, my background before D&D is selling and buying comic books. So I am right with you. 

Cedar the Barefoot  25:24  
That is so cool. 

Brill  25:25  
Yeah, it's, it's pretty dope. I got to touch Action Comics #1, I just want to brag. Hello, everyone. I touched it. At one point, I it was funny too. When I first saw it, I started- because you know, it's all these collectors looking at it and touching it and being like, "Whaa a million dollar comic book!" But I started getting- I had no idea if you put something of nerdy pop culture history in front of me, I start screaming, "It belongs in a museum!" Like I go full Indiana Jones. I just started pointing at it like, "Nobody touch it! I know I touched it, but nobody touch it! Someone get a seal on this. Get it to the museum! Give it them!" 

Cedar the Barefoot  26:09  
"Get a vacuum seal! You're not wearing white gloves!" 

Brill  26:13  
I had no idea I turn into that person. But I do.

So you're building this Venom character, it seems.

Cedar the Barefoot  26:28  
Essentially, yeah. At first it was not where I was going with it. I wasn't really sure where I was going with it. So I had this fairly serious character who was suddenly dropped into the middle of a party of semi-evil, not like intentionally like "they want to destroy the world" kind of evil, more like Deadpool kind of evil. Not exactly evil, but like not good. Definitely not good. They are not good people. Yeah, he's able to communicate with the "darkness" which Six, the Mad Gnome that I mentioned earlier, who has committed atrocities as well as experiments and such to empower the party, if you will, with their strange, artificial body horror kind of upgrades, if you will... They call him Chuck. I don't know why. That's just what Six does. So, Kenan and Chuck are getting more and more to be one entity at this point. So now Kenan has a level in Warlock but we're kind of homebrewing a little bit with some other homebrews that have already kind of done this thing. So first level you have access to quote unquote "spells," but it's more of a physical manifestation. So literally black eldritch kind of tentacle kind of goofy stuff, you know, fun.

Brill  27:47  
Yeah. A little Cthulhu. Little bit of that. 

Cedar the Barefoot  27:51  
Just a little bit of Cthulhu, you know? 

Brill  27:54  
A little bit to spice it up.

Cedar the Barefoot  27:56  
Yeah. Who doesn't need an Old One reference in their DMing and D&D games?

Brill  28:03  
And there's a lot of fun. I'm certainly guilty of it. Absolutely. 

Cedar the Barefoot  28:07  
With spiky wings and countless eyes. 

Brill  28:10  
Oh, dude, I I love the idea of when a player comes in... I love using the old HP Lovecraft kind of stuff where they go in and it's like, "What's the city of?" "Fish men! And the angles are wrong! They have bug guys!" I love trying to go for that. But unfortunately, my party is kind of what you said, a little bit more on the Deadpool level. The party that I've been doing. We've affectionately named them the Debate Club. They're at level 15. 

Cedar the Barefoot  28:40  
I love it. 

Brill  28:41  
They are very, very, very powerful. Because D&D past level 10 you start getting into like, awesome cosmic power on every class. 

Cedar the Barefoot  28:51  
It's like, why are you still alive? 

Brill  28:53  
There's this great part where the Debate Club- the reason why they call it the Debate Club is because one of our players that being my friend, Aclaric Kobold... He is a fun loving person, who I care for very deeply, but he also plays this character known as Meglieden, the Dwarf. And Alaric, by himself, is a very argumentative person. Not in a bad kind of confrontation kind of way. It's far more cheeky, 

And that just influenced how he plays Meglieden. 

Cedar the Barefoot  29:36  
Just little sassy. Just a little sassy little guy. 

Brill  29:37  
That is exactly what it is. It is exactly that. He is the person where if you are doing like a ritual... Like I remember early on in the campaign, they come on to a cult, and they're doing a ritual. And Meglieden just walked in and he goes, "That won't work. What are you doing?" And he somehow gets an argument out of every NPC they meet and then he'll start arguing with the other players. And then the other characters started get into this kind of weird like, "Hey, let's kind of sassily argue every NPC we come across." And that- they're the Debate Club. One character in particular who's supposed to be a joke character... His name's Berg Ferger. He's a Halfling Guppy salesman. They all were originally supposed to be merchants and Berg Ferger has a New Zealand accent, and he was always supposed to be this just happy-go-lucky guppy salesman, but it's been 15 levels of a year campaign playing weekly. I can't believe I made that happen. 

Cedar the Barefoot  29:43  
He's seen some stuff! 

Brill  29:48  
More than a few things he has become a- a force in hell, he has lost an arm, he has died and come back. He started developing the kind of Mad Max aesthetic with shoulder pads and an inverse Mohawk but he still is happy-go-lucky Berg Ferger. So there's this part where we had a [session] where Berg Ferger has met a talking magic sword. 

Cedar the Barefoot  31:09  
Mhm- oh no. 

Brill  31:10  
...And one of his party members got into an argument with him and then used some magic, wild magic, that backfired and they got knocked out. Berg Ferger, inverse mohawk, shoulder pads, magic sword in hand, looks around and almost to the camera he goes, "I don't know what to do with this." He's so silly and the whole party loves it. I mean we have Mana and Tana, we have a Yuan-Ti and a Triton. And the Triton Tana talks like this, "Berg! I need your help!" We got Meglieden. 

Cedar the Barefoot  31:43  
Fun voices! 

Brill  31:44  
And then of course we have a Rogue who does not... My favorite part of this whole party is our Rogue named Shady. Shady the Tabaxi first of all is a person who joined our campaign from a another country which is very exciting. And moreover, they- we have figured out how to work through time zones and play with them. And they don't do the debate stuff. But they are the only one who can really do the most in combat. Listen even Berg's powerful now, but a Level 15 Assassin Rogue can end everything. It's basically people are arguing and then Shady will go, "Do you want me to... Do you want me to kill them?" 

Cedar the Barefoot  32:25  
"You seem like you're losing this argument. Let me just pull a Liam and go, 'Dagger Dagger Dagger.'"

Brill  32:31  
I mean, there was- I'll stop gushing about my party in one second. 

Cedar the Barefoot  32:35  
Oh, no, I love it.

Brill  32:37  
I love talking about the Debate Club. But there was one session where they drew from the Deck of Many Things. 

Cedar the Barefoot  32:43  
Oh, no! 

Brill  32:44  
Yes, they've been through it all. They drew from the Deck of Many Things.

Cedar the Barefoot  32:47  
It's always Deck of Many Things!

Brill  32:48  
It really is. But I also presented it- because I believe the deck of many things is inherently a bad thing. 

Cedar the Barefoot  32:55  
Oh it's terrible.

Brill  32:55  
So I had a devil. I had a devil present it just to like, "Hey: threat level." Like this is not a good thing to mess with. 

Cedar the Barefoot  33:04  
Hint hint, wink wink. 

Brill  33:05  
Yes. Very, very heavy handed. And lo and behold, Meglieden got the moon card. And he got three wishes. And one of the wishes that he used, was- I can't believe he got that card. But one of the wishes that he used... The surrounding city was just devastated by a phoenix attack. It was a gnomish city. And he decided to bring everybody from that attack back. But he also brought everybody who is... basically, you know, Wish is a monkey's paw... brought everybody from the attack back, anybody who died. But that Phoenix attack has happened before. So how he worded it, he didn't just bring back THOSE gnomes, but the generations of gnomes who have had to survive other Phoenix attacks who lived in the city. So like grandmas and grandpas are coming back to life. And we had this moment where one of the NPCs, one of these gnomes were like, "This is bad. You over-saved the city! You saved too many people. You let too many people live. This- we can't- This is unsustainable, my grandma's back!" 

Cedar the Barefoot  33:09  
"We don't have the crops for this!" 

Brill  33:46  
"What are we gonna do?"

Cedar the Barefoot  34:15  
"My mother-in-law is back! My mother-in-law! We never got along." 

Brill  34:18  
So yes, the Debate Club is just this powerful crazy- I love the fact that like, Berg Ferger the Guppy salesman can counterspell people at like eighth level now, it's genuinely a lot of fun. 

Cedar the Barefoot  34:32  
That's just too much. You gotta Mercutio some of these guys or something.

Brill  34:40  
There have been moments where- Oh, and Tana has a baby Kraken. Oh, dude. It's completely... What do you think he named his Kraken? 

Cedar the Barefoot  34:48  
A little baby Kraken!

Brill  34:49  
 Yes. Yes. 

Cedar the Barefoot  34:52  
Tell me.

Brill  34:53  
His name is Squilliam. "Squilliam, my boy! My baby Squilliam!"

Cedar the Barefoot  34:59  
"Oh no, he's hot!" I love him! I don't know him but I love him. I just want to draw him.

Brill  35:10  
Tana the Triton Fishman, he looks like any lighthouse keeper with his little baby Kraken Squilliam. He's just a little squid, 

Cedar the Barefoot  35:19  
Aw he's just a little squid!

Brill  35:21  
...Who's also telepathic and believes he's a god so you know, Kraken stuff.

Cedar the Barefoot  35:25  
Oh, I love that trope. I love that trope of pets that think they are above their station. Oh yeah, get at me with that.

Brill  35:32  
You mentioned your love of Star Trek. 

Cedar the Barefoot  35:35  

Brill  35:35  
For Squilliam, the voice that I use is just Worf. I just... "Father. I need your help. Father come to me. It seems that there are people here. They are not worshiping me father. Father, I need your help."

Cedar the Barefoot  35:55  
*Speaking Klingonese*

Brill  35:55  
"This Pahtak!" Yeah. Absolutely. Do you have a favorite Star Trek? 

Cedar the Barefoot  36:01  
Oh, man. That's- that's a really hard question to answer, though. Because I've seen pretty much the entirety of series aside from Discovery and Picard all the way through.

Brill  36:10  
Same. I haven't seen Discovery or Picard.

Cedar the Barefoot  36:13  
I haven't gotten to the point in my life where I'm ready to take on another subscription. 

Brill  36:19  
Yeah, sorry CBS.

Cedar the Barefoot  36:21  
Right? Like come on. I mean, still, I guess they have a lot of cool stuff coming out right now anyways, so...

Brill  36:26  
And I don't want to be rude but... As much as I love Captain Picard, I don't know if I want to see old Picard. I still wondering about that.

Cedar the Barefoot  36:33  
I do. I've seen himself, good Sir Patrick Stewart in live theater when I was living in London. 

Brill  36:41  

Cedar the Barefoot  36:42  
He has not lost his edge. Of course. I'm not sure what exactly happens in Picard.  I'm not ready to see him go through these things at the age- the horrible things that he went through previously. "There are four lights!"

Brill  36:56  
Cardassians, they're wonderful, but terrible, but wonderful. I mean, my favorite villain and all of Star Trek is a Cardassian: Gul Dukat in Deep Space Nine. A wonderful, terrible, wonderful villain. 

Cedar the Barefoot  37:11  
Lil' reptiles with their long necks 

Brill  37:13  
Oh, dude. The necks are the best part. You got to get that neck flaps going on with the head.

Cedar the Barefoot  37:20  
I love the headcanon when they have tails, I'm all for that. Like, that's just  stuck in my head. Like they're just like these long alligator looking things. I don't care. I have feelings.

Brill  37:33  
Yes, everybody please watch all of Star Trek. So is there a show? Is there one you enjoy more? Or can you rank them at all? I know it's hard. It's like picking your favorite child.

Cedar the Barefoot  37:43  
It's so hard. Yeah it is picking my favorite child honestly. So I think I have the most affinity and nostalgia for Next Gen. 

Brill  37:54  
Yeah. Okay.

Cedar the Barefoot  37:55  
I did start in The Original Series. And I do love The Original Series. It's not my 100% favorite, I suppose. Because you know, some things haven't aged well, that's how it is with those TV shows. And even in that time, they were still very progressive. Although I will fight anybody who tells me that Voyage Home is a bad film.

Brill  38:14  
I-no. Okay, no, I got you on that one. I'll be honest, 

Cedar the Barefoot  38:17  
It's a honeymoon. Saving the whales. 

Brill  38:21  
Okay. No, I've- I've always liked it. To be completely honest.

Cedar the Barefoot  38:24  
I mean, I won't fight you. If you I feel like I would not win against your arch-lichyness, if you will. But still.

Brill  38:30  
Absolutely. You shouldn't fight me. I'm a high CR for suresies. 

Cedar the Barefoot  38:36  
I'm just a small little Goblin. 

Brill  38:45  
Buddy! I will say that the Star Trek movies, while they range in quality and all that jazz, I still need to go through especially The Next Generation films. I'm getting to the end of Voyager. And there's kind of this weird moment, for me at least, where I'm going through these films and some people are like, "Oh, this next one's bad. Don't- It's not good." And I'm like, "Yeah, but it's Star Trek. I'm sorry." 

Cedar the Barefoot  39:14  
"I have to know!" 

Brill  39:15  
What did they do to my boy Riker? I need to know I'm sorry. I'm gonna check. Is Data there? I'm looking, you know?

Cedar the Barefoot  39:23  
Where's my android son and his cat son? What did they do to you, my sweet baby child?

Brill  39:32  
I will say this. There was somebody who was telling me about- trying to explain, trying to spoil Picard for me which I did not let them. But I will say this. If they do anything with Data, or Data having a sibling- or not even a sibling, a child... We already did that. Her name was Lal. She was a weird block person. She was kind, and then her emotions killed her and then the government tried to take her away. 

Cedar the Barefoot  39:56  
It was very traumatizing.

Brill  39:58  
It was very traumatizing there. There's a lot of traumatizing- you mentioned the four lights episode.

Cedar the Barefoot  40:03  
I know! Like this is my comfort show. This is a show that I will go and watch over and over again instead of watching new things. There's so much screwed up stuff in these shows but I can't stop.

Brill  40:14  
One of my favorite characters... probably my favorite character: Miles O'Brien, the Irishman. 

Cedar the Barefoot  40:20  

Brill  40:20  
Colm Meaney of Deep Space Nine. The things they put him through on Deep Space Nine are brutal, are brutal. They're- I mean, there's, there's, I mean, I'm not going to go into them all because I don't want to make a long trigger warning for this episode. Just to the 40 minute mark. But the stuff they do to Miles O'Brien. I mean, it gets to a point where his daughter falls through a portal, and he's just holding his hand out trying to get her and he doesn't look sad or shocked. He's like, "Oh, O'Brien luck. Yeah, that's- that's what happens to me. My daughter just got-" 

Cedar the Barefoot  40:50  
He just looks empty. 

Brill  41:01  
We need a good man, O'Brien. 

Cedar the Barefoot  41:02  
He's worked customer service his entire life and it's broken him. 

Brill  41:06  
I love his big Potato Head. He's my favorite. 

Cedar the Barefoot  41:08  
Oh, yeah, I adore his Potato Head. 

Brill  41:11  
I can't imagine a world without it. And then of course, it's you know, Riker Data Picard. Naturally, absolutely.

Cedar the Barefoot  41:17  
Oh, Okay. Quick question then, sorry. 

Brill  41:19  

Cedar the Barefoot  41:19  
Babyface Riker, or Bearded Riker?

Brill  41:21  
Oh, I- here's the thing. I believe there is a transformation, especially between seasons one and two of The Next Generation. And that is the jump from baby face to beard. And while I enjoy baby face, just because you get the sense that, "Oh, yeah, they're trying to make a little Kirk clone running around."

Cedar the Barefoot  41:42  

Brill  41:42  
It's not 'til beard where you get the smirk more. When you get the leg up on the countertop, you start seeing them swing his huge giraffe legs around. That's when you get it: from the beard. So I'm pro beard and I lean that way. 

Cedar the Barefoot  41:56  
I'm okay with that. 

Brill  41:57  
I believe it's baby face where he has a weird kung fu fight with his dad from Alaska. And that was also good episode. 

Cedar the Barefoot  42:05  
Yeah, that was interesting. 

Brill  42:06  
But that's also no beard. So I'm leaning beard. Going for beard for that one.

Cedar the Barefoot  42:12  
While we're talking about Riker, I feel like they slept so hard on the arc that was Thomas Riker. 

Brill  42:19  
Oh, yeah. 

Cedar the Barefoot  42:20  
Like when it was- It wasn't a clone. It was literally- it was not a clone. It was literally himself. 

Brill  42:24  
It was him! 

Cedar the Barefoot  42:25  
Because like- 

Brill  42:25  

Cedar the Barefoot  42:26  
He was like, stuck on that station. And they tried to beam him up. So they made like a supplementary beam. And they came through just fine. But the supplementary beam went back down to the planet. And that version of Riker was stuck there for X amount of years, while the other one was like going up in the ranks. 

Brill  42:44  

Cedar the Barefoot  42:44  
Oh, so heartbreaking. Oh! I'll still remember that.

Brill  42:48  
 And then and then he returns in Deep Space Nine. 

Cedar the Barefoot  42:52  

Brill  42:52  
And they just kind of forget about him after that. I believe it's Thomas Riker.

Cedar the Barefoot  42:57  
They're like, "Oh, yeah, we'll just make him a rebel and he'll lead these, like the 'bad but yet maybe vigilante' kind of people and then we'll just throw him in jail forever." They slept so hard on all of the arcs that you could come up with that. You had this in your hands and you let it slip through your fingers like an anchovy!

Brill  43:15  
Every time they go, "Oh, no, they're a Maquis!" I'm like, "The people that are fighting Cardassians? I don't feel bad, okay? I'm sorry. I've seen what they did to Picard. I'm not- mm mm. they don't believe in justice." 

Cedar the Barefoot  43:20  
"Watch out for the Maquis!" No, no, they don't.

Brill  43:32  
No! There's only one good Cardassian. And we all know who her name was. I forget her name. 

Cedar the Barefoot  43:39  
I forget her name, too. But I know what you're talking about. 

Brill  43:41  
She's the daughter of Gul Dukat. 

Cedar the Barefoot  43:44  

Brill  43:44  
Yes. She's awesome. I for one, just think that yeah, no, Maquis are fine. They're fine. Are they a little extreme? I understand that. But it's fine.

Cedar the Barefoot  43:44  
You know...? They did what they believe needed to be done. And I mean... I guess most somewhat organized yet not very organized groups do that. So.. ya know. Nah. I remember when the Kardashians were becoming a thing. And I remember as a kid being confused, because I thought that they were just saying Cardassians wrong. So people are like- this is all out of context for me- they're talking about the Kardashians doing this or that or this. And I was like, "What, did they make like a Cardassian show? Like, spin off? Why are they doing these? I mean, that sounds about right. That's a very heinous thing that a Cardassian would do." It was not until years later that I actually realized that the Kardashians were actually a human family in our modern realm. I didn't... You can imagine like- I mean, I would watch that. I would watch that Cardassian spinoff. I would watch it.

Brill  44:50  
Absolutely. Gul Dukat is wondering about a new dress that he's buying. That's exciting. 

Cedar the Barefoot  44:54  
Absolutely. We have a tailor and a spy. 

Brill  44:57  
That's true. That's true. And to be completely honest, news up on the mountaintop, you're not going to get that. You have siege weapons, focusing down, I understand. So it is kind of funny too, just because my mom is original Star Trek. And I was watching Next Generation. And it's always interesting to see, since every kind of premise of every show is that as the shows go on our enemies- we become allies and then we bring them into the fold. And I remember we were watching, you know, Next Generation, my mom, my mother lich, she looked at me, and she saw, you know, Worf, and she's like, "That's a Klingon!" And I go, "Yeah, he's a member of the crew." And she's like,"What? Absolutely not!" It's kind of a funny thing, where you know, and later shows-like, the Borg becomes part of like, there's a Borg member on the ship, and I remember I was sitting there going, like, "That's a Borg. I don't know if I'm okay with that." 

Cedar the Barefoot  46:03  
"That's terrifying." 

Brill  46:04  
"That's not good."

Cedar the Barefoot  46:05  
"What do you MEAN there's a Borg?" My first time I ever saw Borg when that arc started taking off. And I remember that sheer terror because of all of the strange things coming out of their body and their skin, and it was just not pleasant for my brain.

Brill  46:21  
What are you gonna do, put a Q on there next? No, there's- I don't appreciate this. This scares me. 

Cedar the Barefoot  46:27  
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, we can't go that far, now. We're just playing with real big fire at that point. 

Brill  46:34  
Mon Capitan. Absolutely. One of the greatest villains ever. 

Cedar the Barefoot  46:40  
One of my favorites, one of my favorite, favorite characters. 

Brill  46:44  
Absolutely. So I do want to ask you this, because we are kind of tearing through this. And to be honest, I'm one of those people that can talk about Star Trek forever. It's just in my soul. 

Cedar the Barefoot  46:54  
Oh, absolutely. Same. Samesies. 

Brill  46:55  
It's just part of me. I can't help it. Yeah. And also, for those of you who didn't understand any of those references, go watch Star Trek. Go do that. Please. 

Cedar the Barefoot  47:04  
At least for the cultural value. 

Brill  47:06  
Oh, you'll- I personally am of the opinion that if you watch at least The Next Generation, you will come back better than you started. 

Cedar the Barefoot  47:12  
You don't necessarily need to even watch the original. But like if you go back and look for the nostalgia points of it, and also the horrible fight with the Gorn in "Arena", like that's classic.

Brill  47:22  
I actually think just going back to, to- Like, I think the best thing that you could go back for is Bones and Spock being sassy to one another. That is the one thing you're looking for. When bones goes, "Where's your heart, Spock? Is it in your liver, you alien?" And then Spock goes, "I'm very pleased to know that I am not the same species as you." That is the dynamic that is fun, and that you should go for. 

Cedar the Barefoot  47:48  
The three of them. They're like the Golden Girls, I swear to God. 

Brill  47:52  
Well, there's also that beautiful moment where Kirk comes back from a very dangerous time. Spock thinks he's dead. And then he swings around and goes "Jim!" 

Cedar the Barefoot  48:02  
"Jim!" Big smile. That just just, oof. *chef's kiss* 

Brill  48:06  
Oh, no, absolutely. Nimoy: King. 

Cedar the Barefoot  48:08  

Brill  48:09  

Cedar the Barefoot  48:09  

Brill  48:10  
Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins. But so my question is, just because I've seen you've built up this TikTok. You are a TikTok creator. 

Cedar the Barefoot  48:20  

Brill  48:20  
And I kind of want to know, how you started, when you started, and how TikTok has kind of changed your life in a lot of ways. Like what has developed from it for you?

Cedar the Barefoot  48:31  
For me? Well, I started on TikTok, actually, late October of 2020. So it has not even been a year. 

Brill  48:40  
This is quick. 

Cedar the Barefoot  48:41  
Yeah, it has not even been a year yet. It's changed my life in various ways. For one thing, it's given me several communities that I didn't have beforehand. There is like the ADHD and neurodivergent communities that are on TikTok as well as like different cultures and things that we're interested in. You got D&D you've got books, you've got painting, you've got woodcarving, everything. It has given me access to all kinds of new friends and an outlet for the stories and my internal monologue slash stand up routines that always are going on in my head. It's been fun.

Brill  49:17  
 It's- I mean, it's one of those things where as you know, we also tried to post on It's been fun. as well. And there is kind of, like the podcast, there is this very interesting thing where I'm sitting there as a person with ADHD going "Yay, I can spew this somewhere. Awesome. This gets to go in one direction. Yay."

Cedar the Barefoot  49:38  
"I have several plugs. I need a multi surge protected outlet, please." 

Brill  49:44  
Absolutely. I need- All these weird concepts that float around in my head, now they're your problem. So you have been on there less than a year. You've kind of been able to do all these different videos, meet all these different communities... Is there a single part of this kind of journey for you that you are most thankful for, or that you look at and be like, "That is incredible. I can't believe that happened from TikTok."

Cedar the Barefoot  50:08  
Actually a few things maybe. TikTok itself and my experience and the folks who have deemed me interesting enough to follow and kind of become a community around all of us... They actually got me into a safe place, meaning like- They've gotten me into a safe home. It's given me the opportunity to raise up other voices that don't typically get heard, because you know, the algorithm does what it wants on the clock app, but... I never expected to be where I am today. I mean, I always thought about content creation. And I always believe that those who have a platform with X amount of followers with like a far reach, that they should use that power not just for like their own amusement, but also in some parts helping others. And I'm still learning, I am going to keep on learning about that. I'm trying to always be a better person as I grow. And I'm trying to listen. I'm always trying to listen. And I think we've got a pretty bright future ahead. And that aspect of the content that I create, I want to make- I want to help people. And that's hard. It's hard, because there's only so much of yourself that you can give, but I'm learning. I'm learning.

Brill  51:24  
Well, I will say this, I believe that you are by far one of, if not the most wholesome accounts on all of TikTok. When you look at the landscape that is that algorithm, it is... It's a lot. It's hard to navigate sometimes. And I love the fact that you've been so willing, open, honest, and completely fun to be completely honest. I mean, when I scroll, and I see a video of you doing a random sound, it's genuinely great for me. I think it's, it's fun. It's exactly what it is. It's wholesome, is what I'm getting at.

Cedar the Barefoot  52:02  
Yeah, well yeah. I mean, that's a part of like, the neurodivergency or the ADHD, we've been taught to mask for so long. And of course, I was diagnosed later in life with ADHD. And I finally understood why I always had these urges to, like, say things and make noises and do weird things with my hands and my body and not be able to sit still. So once I stopped masking and stopped really caring about what other folks thought about how I held myself and how I brought myself joy, I just kind of went from there. And in that kind of vein, people see and are encouraged by what they see. That someone's confidence can be, it can be contagious. And I'm all for that kind of contagious.

Brill  52:49  
The good contagious,

Cedar the Barefoot  52:51  
The good contagious, as we are still in the midst of a parallelogram.

Brill  53:01  
But there is kind of this thing for me, I agree. I was absolutely- I was diagnosed much later in life. A couple 1000 epochs had passed for this lich when I was finally told like, "Hey, you're dyslexic, and you have ADHD." And that was very interesting for me, because everything made sense, then. 

Cedar the Barefoot  53:20  
Yeah, it just like all clicks into place. 

Brill  53:22  
Oh, that makes so much sense, why I'm so odd. Like and- you get this sense of... it's relief that you actually have a name to something. But then you also have the resources and help, because going through school and you know, kind of past that, I never knew. I wasn't until I was in college where I finally had a professor, a arch-wizard themselves, saying, "Hey, why don't you- Why don't you go? Why don't you go get checked? Why don't you see if that's a thing for you?" And I was like, "Okie dokie, I never thought of this." And it was. And it's a very empowering thing, or it can be. And I like seeing those people who see it as empowering and that enjoy the differences that are amongst people.

Cedar the Barefoot  54:04  
I can only imagine what kind of power I could have wielded if I had known and had been diagnosed, and maybe even medicated earlier on in my life. I would be unstoppable.

Brill  54:16  
Well, that's- I always joke around... The reason why the great Cthulhu or the many incarnated dogs- whomever gifts out the gifts in the universe, they limited me to having that. They put that upon me, just because the moment you take- once I'm distracted, I'm just full force in another direction. I am a all or nothing. Let's do this. 

Cedar the Barefoot  54:41  

Brill  54:42  
Yeah. So for me, I really don't like half-assing anything. But the problem is when I'm just looking about that the Beholder have Many Eyes and just looking around and I see something cool, I just rush it. And I will just completely like 90 degree turn depending on what I see out of the corner of my eye. And that's kind of how I've always been, just bull rushing thing to thing to thing to thing. I mean when I got into Star Trek... 

Cedar the Barefoot  55:11  

Brill  55:12  
Oh, when I got into Star Trek, I tore through Star Trek. And it was funny because my Editor Goblin, the person who works on this- Eddie Gobs!

Cedar the Barefoot  55:22  
Eddie Gobs! 

Brill  55:22  
He was the one who kind of wanted to watch Star Trek with me. And he's like, "Oh, yeah, you're getting into it. Yeah, man. We'll go back and forth, and I'll try to keep up with you." And he was like, "Hey, where are you?" I'm like, "I'm already on Deep Space Nine. Keep up." And he's like, "I thought you were on Next Gen." I'm like, "I was. And then I finished the seven seasons." 

Cedar the Barefoot  55:43  
"I'm not anymore." What was the last time you slept, Brill? 

Brill  55:49  
Sleep? Pardon me? That's not fun. It is hilarious too just because my- my poor partner. I love them to death. But there is still that thing of like, they'll come home. And they're like, "So what are we doing?" And I'm like, "Jigsaw puzzle, video game, or maybe all of a season of TV. You tell me." 

Cedar the Barefoot  56:10  
Maybe all of them at the same time. 

Brill  56:11  
And they're like, "I have 30 minutes." And I'm like, "We can fit in 30 minutes. Absolutely." 

Cedar the Barefoot  56:17  
The people who are around you in your life learn how to talk to you. Yeah. 

Brill  56:20  
Oh, absolutely. But it's also good at times. I mean, if I ever am focused enough to actually work out, I'm not just doing a run. I'm doing all the runs. So that's always a good thing. Although once you're undead, it doesn't really matter anymore. But you kind of get it. 

Cedar the Barefoot  56:35  
Yeah, I got you. 

Brill  56:37  
So I appreciate you coming on. I appreciate you talking to me. I appreciate you going on a Star Trek tangent with me. I never get to do those. 

Cedar the Barefoot  56:45  
This was so much fun, yeah. I love doing those. They're so much fun. I found a person of like mind. 

Brill  56:52  
Oh, absolutely. I mean, it's funny too because anytime that's- the moment someone goes "Star Trek," I'm like, "I'm gonna try to figure out everything you know." I want to know everything. 

I'm like a meerkat. 

Oh, 100%. Because it's one of those fandoms that you don't hear from enough. You have people who come up and they're like, "I love the Marvel Universe." And I'm like, "Yeah, everybody does. I want to know if you're into Star Trek. Please tell me you're into Star Trek. Please tell me."

Cedar the Barefoot  57:19  
Yes. "Tell me about your experience with Star Trek." And they say "Oh, do you mean Star Wars?"

Brill  57:25  
"No, no, I'm not talking about your space wizards. I'm talking about Captain Picard. I don't want to be rude, but I'm not. I'm sorry. Yoda is fun. Baby Yoda's great. I'm talking about Captain Riker please. 

Cedar the Barefoot  57:41  
C-3PO is pretty funny. 

Brill  57:43  
He can be. Although- 

Cedar the Barefoot  57:44  
I mean, I haven't seen any of the films. 

Brill  57:46  
Oh, you haven't? You haven't seen any Star Wars.

Cedar the Barefoot  57:48  
I've seen like one and then like half of them. I saw the one. That's the first one. But actually the fourth one. And I've seen a part of the one where we figure out that the Darth Vader is -spoiler alert- Anakin, and the part where he lost most of his body in a fight with the guy with the beard who became a ghost in the first one that's actually the fourth one.

Brill  58:08  
Yes, yes, it is completely backwards. And that's fine. I mean, it's kind of one of those things where I know there are people in this world who are be like, "You must! You must watch Star Wars." I'll be honest, it's not for everybody. You don't have to. You do not lose your nerd card if you don't watch Star Trek- I mean Star Wars. 

Cedar the Barefoot  58:29  
Well yeah, absolutely not. 

Brill  58:30  
Star Trek, you get your nerd card, actually. Star Wars you don't have to. That's kind of always been my take. Although there is kind of this- I'd say maybe watch The Mandalorian. Mandalorian's good.

Cedar the Barefoot  58:42  
Yeah, yeah, that's- I feel like The Mandalorian is like its own thing at that point. I mean, sure, it does have the parallels, but that is literally fanfiction that made it to the screen,

Brill  58:54  
Which is always the best or worst. We're not sure. 

Cedar the Barefoot  58:58  
There's never any in between when it comes to that. 

Brill  59:00  
No, unfortunately not. It's either the weirdest thing and it's good, or it's the weirdest thing and you kind of want to turn it off. It's one of those. Well, I mean, if you- but you've said it yourself that you've gone into a wild west type campaign, I mean, The Mandalorian is kind of in that vein of what you've played or what you've mentioned.

Cedar the Barefoot  59:21  
And I love that! I love that so much. Can we talk about Firefly? We don't have time probably, but still!

Brill  59:27  
Next time. 


Next time a huge Firefly discussion. We'll jump on every once in a while to be like "Okay, She-ra, Firefly, this, this," just have a tangent list.

Cedar the Barefoot  59:40  
Owl House, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall. Yeah, all the good modern shows that are out right now. Adventure Time. You know, the things that are silly, but then the plot hits you in the face. 

Oh, Avatar The Last Airbender. 

"This is just hot leaf juice!"

Brill  59:58  
"Flameo hotman." So that's, that's what me and my lich family say to each other, it's hilarious. And my favorite thing is my ancient father, my ancient father, the eldest of the liches... He is so behind the times technology-wise, anything-wise, but due to the fact that we're like "Flameo hotman, my cabbages," all the good classic references to Avatar between my siblings, he gets them. Which is hilarious, because he's kinda like a prospector from 500 years ago. And he's, you know, he just, he doesn't understand screens or tablets or cell phones, he doesn't understand cars half the time. He like- if we gave him a wagon and a well, he would be totally good. But for some reason, we'll be like, "Man, fire bending!" And he's like, "And a sub sect is lightning bending." And I'm like, "Thanks, Dad! I'm glad we were able to teach you. That's wonderful!" 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:01:01  
"I'm so proud of you. Here's a sticky star." 

Brill  1:01:04  
"You've never seen the show, but you understand the lore." 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:01:08  
Sometime's it's all you need. 

Brill  1:01:09  
I'd absolutely say so. Cedar, thank you for coming on. Do you have places, things, charities you would like to promote on here that people should go see, act upon, witness?

Cedar the Barefoot  1:01:22  
I'd say if we're talking about charities, I'd say definitely check out the Trevor Project, check out Planned Parenthood, and there are so many others I wish I'd actually written them all down. Go scrolling on GoFundMe once in a while or any other fundraiser kind of network. See if you have like a couple extra dollars, literally anything can help anybody out of any situation, just a little bit per person. It's hard times we're living in and I think it costs nothing to at least be kind. And if it comes to it, maybe like share maybe a couple dollars, whatever have you. 

If you're going to be checking out a show... Hmm, I think I just I just binged The Owl House. That was a pretty good one. It's available on Disney+, and before that, I've binged She-Ra. 

Brill  1:02:02  
I still need to do that. 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:02:03  
Yeah, highly recommend.

Brill  1:02:05  
 Ah! She-Ra's great. 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:02:06  
Yes, that's on Netflix. 

Brill  1:02:07  
She-Ra was good. But where can people find you?

Cedar the Barefoot  1:02:10  
Where can they find me? Well, typically you can find me between a rock and a mossy place. Otherwise, I am available on Tik Tok at cedarthebarefoot . I'm also available on Instagram by the same handle @cedarthebarefoot . I'm also available on Twitch @cedarthebarefoot . And on Twitter, I'm just @barefootcedar because there are too many characters in Cedar the Barefoot.

Brill  1:02:36  
I feel- I feel so bad. You were giving your plugs and I have one of those just terrible gag reflexes at the word "mossy." So you said mossy and then do your plugs. And I'm like trying not to gag. I'm like, I don't gag when they're plugging. That's so rude. Brill don't do that! 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:03:00  
It would have been funny, though. 

Brill  1:03:05  
And you're sitting there going like "I'm trying to fight it." Just try to gag in some direction. 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:03:13  
Just throw- yeet the microphone. 

Brill  1:03:15  
Thank you for coming on. 

Cedar the Barefoot  1:03:16  
Thank you so much for having me. I swear by my pretty floral bonnet that I'll be back. 

Brill  1:03:20  
Oh, absolutely. We'd love to have you back. We will definitely talk about that. Thank you for coming on. And everybody please go check them out, Cedar the Barefoot on all those lovely platforms. Also, if you want to support the show for DumpStat that's patreon.com/dumpstatpodcast, any money helps us out of debt. That'd be lovely. And we're also on all places where you get podcast, Spotify, iTunes, all that good jazz. And we're also on Tik Tok, where I complain mostly about D&D gatekeeping and other things. I do other things. Occasionally, but not much. So... I miht get into building little siege weapons.

Cedar the Barefoot  1:03:25  
You never know when you're gonna need it. You do what you can with what you got. Burt Gummer said that.

Brill  1:04:06  
I'm pretty sure that my lovely lady Lich would come and see that and go, "Absolutely not." Thank you. Thank you all for coming and listening to Cedar. Thank you again and everybody have a great get- day. Hey, Good day. Good.

Doc  1:04:30  
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