Relationship Matters
Ep. 9 Who’s not Here?
Relationship Matters
Ep. 9 Who’s not Here?
Jun 17, 2020 Season 1 Episode 9
CRR Global

During this time of upheaval and social conflict going on in the US, CRR Global and the Relationship Matters Podcast supports the stand against systemic racism, racial bias and the history of black community oppression. Relationship matters regardless of race and ethnicity. 

We Believe Relationship Matters.
We Believe Black Lives Matter.
We Believe All Voices Matter.

In this episode, Marita is calling for productive dialogue around race and racism. What are the blind spots that stop us from connecting deeply in these kinds of conversations? What questions aren’t we asking? And how might we be missing… what is really being said?

Below are organizations we know about in the US to learn from, get active with, and help each other:

Black Lives Matters:
Equal Justice Initiative:
American Civil Liberties Union: