Relationship Matters
Ep. 7 Vitality for Couples
Relationship Matters
Ep. 7 Vitality for Couples
Dec 02, 2020 Season 2 Episode 7
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In this episode, Katie Churchman talks with Maddie Weinreich about vitality for couples. 

There are all kinds of ways we can be in relationship with our partners. Sometimes it can be very dull to be in a couple and can be very exciting! Relationships are in constant cycles. 

In this episode, Maddie talks about relationship behavioral patterns that can help to foster more aliveness, engagement and vitality.  After two decades of working with couples, Maddie’s noticed 5 recurring ‘elements’ in couples with high levels of vitality. These 5 elements are as follows:

1.     Autonomy 

2.     Interdependence

3.     Constructive Disagreement

4.     Intimacy

5.     Vision

When couples have all of these things going on there tends to be a good amount of engagement, aliveness and vitality.