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Dooner’s World – Kahlil Sabbagh

February 20, 2021 Mike Muldoon
Dooner’s World
Dooner’s World – Kahlil Sabbagh
Show Notes

Dooner’s World – Kahlil Sabbagh 



Growing up in Bloomington, Indiana 

Taking lessons from Kenny Aronoff 

Tommy Mars stories from jamming with him late night to seeing him at a local High School football game 

Amazing Eddie Van Halen story 

Playing with Dweezil Zappa

Jamming with Mike Keneally 

Meeting Steve Vai

Meeting George Duke a year before he passed 

Playing with Eddie Jobson at Zappanale


Kahlil plays Mike and Gerry Fiakla’s Zappa requests: 

Inca Road 

Wet T -shirt Night

Let’s make the Water Turn black


Dog Breath 

Alien Orifice 

Zoot Allures 

Echinda’s Arf 

Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing

Black Page

St. Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast 

What’s New in Baltimore 


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