Dooner’s World

Dooner’s World – Juliet Hawkins

March 05, 2021 Mike Muldoon Season 2 Episode 7
Dooner’s World
Dooner’s World – Juliet Hawkins
Show Notes

Growing up in Rockport, Mass 

1st Concert – Billy Joel TD Gardens 

Inspirations: Chet Baker, Otis Redding, Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse 

Playing in an Eric Clapton cover band in San Diego

Recording the “I’ll play Daddy” and “Let You Leave” videos 

Tom Waits love 

New single – She’s So High -

Upcoming release – “Roller Coaster”, with Jimi Vivino


Juliet’s Links: 

Full Concert on HelloooTV on YouTube -

"I'll Play Daddy" video  -

“Let You Leave” video -

Facebook: JulietHawkinsMusic | Spotify: Juliet Hawkins | Instagram: juliethawksinsofficial

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