Dooner’s World

Dooner’s World – Chris Opperman

April 16, 2021 Mike Muldoon Season 2 Episode 17
Dooner’s World
Dooner’s World – Chris Opperman
Show Notes

Dooner’s World – Chris Opperman

From early musical experiences in New Jersey to attending Berklee School of music in Boston

Meeting Mike Keneally and developing a lasting musical relationship 

Chris discusses his first album Oppy music Vol 1 – Purple Crayon 

Working with Co de Kloet and the Metropol Orchestra in Holland

Orchestrating for and performing with Steve Vai 

Performing with Project Object with Ike Willis and Napolean Murphy Brock 

Playing at Zappanale 

Getting permission from Gail Zappa to record a cover of frank Zappa’s “Blessed Relief”

Creating Chamber Music from Hell with Kurt Morgan (Dweezil Zappa bass player)


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