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Dooner’s World – Tommy Chong

May 05, 2021 Mike Muldoon Season 2 Episode 17
Dooner’s World
Dooner’s World – Tommy Chong
Show Notes

Dooner’s World – Tommy Chong 



Calgary - May Growing up in Calgary and learning to play guitar

Early influences

Playing with Ike and Tina Turner 

Meeting Frank Zappa and his influence on Cheech and Chong 

Getting kicked out of Motown for getting his green card 

Gaye Delorme’s influence and the story of writing Ear Ache My Eye 

Story behind writing up in Smoke 

Meeting John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd on the set of the Blues Brothers 

Tommy recommends guitarist Larry Breau 

Driving to a basketball game with Jack Nicolson and writing Basketball Jones 

A/K/A/ Tommy Chong and the story of Tommy’s going to jail in 2003 

Chong’s pre-rolls go on sale today in Michigan - MKX Brand 

Upcoming podcast with his wife, Shelby 

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