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The Four Agreements
The Four Agreements 23:35 Remember to have fun 34:26 Embracing Winter 26:48 Stinkin Thinkin 24:02 The Entrepreneurs Mindset with special guest Lalia Helmer 26:39 Don´t let post-holiday overwhelm get on top of you, DOD it. 20:27 Ending Drama 34:43 Are your emotions natural or manufactured? 34:38 Overworked? 43:53 Releasing Stress with Special Guest Marlene Zehnter 40:19 How to communicate with teens with special guest Dr Cam 41:56 Meditation, it´s not for everyone 29:01 Emotional Responsibility 29:02 Remembering Dad 26:22 Special guest Yujaun Wang talks to us about the power of strengths coaching 47:25 Boundaries- choose guilt over resentment every time! 26:21 The 5 Love Languages- which ones do you speak? 41:05 Caring for the caregiver with special guest Cathy Murphy 34:19 Chronically late - what message does it have for you? 36:56 What to do when your get up and go has got up and gone! 32:33 WOOP Your Goals for Success 33:14 Self-care and honouring the day with special guest Alexa Doman 35:08 Powerful communication with special guest Karen Laos 43:30 Harness What You Have 21:16 Healthier Habits for 2021 with special guest health coach Roshan Chhatralia 31:03