The Painkiller Podcast

#1 Stuff by Alison Carr - performed by Sophie Thompson

May 04, 2020 Bitter Pill Theatre Season 1 Episode 1
The Painkiller Podcast
#1 Stuff by Alison Carr - performed by Sophie Thompson
Show Notes

Hello? Are you squished? Have I squelched you?

When a woman’s bath falls through the floor into the flat below, she meets her downstairs neighbour for the very first time. 

This unforeseen meeting raises plenty of questions. Why is the bath full of tabloids and celebrity magazines? Where are all of the downstairs neighbour’s belongings? Is it possible to have too much stuff? Is it possible to have too little? 

Stuff is a witty and surreal reminder that we never know what the insides of other people’s homes look like and asks how far we might go for some space.

Written by Alison Carr. Directed by Max Elton. Sound by Piers Sherwood-Roberts. Cast: Sophie Thompson (Feel Good, Present Laughter (Old Vic), Four Weddings and a Funeral). 

Bitter Pill committed to producing new writing until theatres in the UK reopen. Through The Painkiller Project, we are open for submissions once a fortnight and are producing the winning play each fortnight as a podcast available as The Painkiller Podcast on all podcast platforms. We plan to stage highlights from the project in front of an audience at a point after this becomes a possibility.

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