The Painkiller Podcast

#7 People Watching by Liam Kelly - performed by Steffan Rhodri

September 11, 2020 Bitter Pill Theatre Season 1 Episode 7
The Painkiller Podcast
#7 People Watching by Liam Kelly - performed by Steffan Rhodri
Show Notes

People Watching by Liam Kelly

"Gaze upon this non-entity dragging his feet past HMV. F**king odourless fart. Utterly unremarkable. All the charisma of a deflated colostomy bag. Take a good gander because you’re looking at the future Prime Minister."

John Bull likes to watch people. He sees everything: every dirty little secret and every skeleton in the closet. People make assumptions about him, but if they knew what he knew, they might think again.

People Watching is a caustic comedy that asks what we can ever hope to know about the people we pass on the street - and what they might know about us.

People Watching was written by Liam Kelly. It was performed by Steffan Rhodri. It was Directed by Hew Rous-Eyre and Sound Designed by Piers Sherwood Roberts.

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