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83. Seth Heasley: Hugos There Podcast

March 14, 2022 S. Daniel Smith
Coffee in Space
83. Seth Heasley: Hugos There Podcast
Show Notes

We take a short break this week to focus on reading science fiction in a more general way. Seth Heasley, host of the show, "Hugos There," joins me to talk about reading over 60 Hugo award winners (and counting). We discuss a lot of issues in this episode, but I think you'll appreciate Seth's thoughts on reading books from an era different than our own, with ethics that go along with that.

“I like to think of the modern books as in conversation with the more classic ones.”

Seth also talks with me about other podcasts that fans of the science fiction genre will enjoy, notably:

Hugo Girl
Hugo and Nebula Readership Podcast
Scifi Sidebar (vintage woke statement)

You can learn more about Seth Heasley's work at his show's website HERE. His Twitter feed is HERE. Finally, you can also connect via Facebook HERE.

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