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Jeffrey Cranor - You feel it just below the Ribs

November 15, 2021 Episode 63
Coffee in Space
Jeffrey Cranor - You feel it just below the Ribs
Show Notes

Jeffrey Cranor needs no introduction, at least if you're a fan of the Night Vale podcast. As co-creator, he played a pivotal role in creating the show, focusing its energy, and building the listening community.  His latest podcast is called Within the Wires. You can hear more about his podcasting work in the next episode, "Ten More Minutes with Jeffrey Cranor."

He is also an established author, having written a three book series about the Night Vale community, starting with the book, Welcome to Night Vale with his co-creator Joseph Fink. His new book is cowritten with his cowriter from Within the Wires, Janina Matthewson.

In this episode, we talk about dual narrators, cowriting, worldbuilding, and alt history. I think it's a fascinating talk and I hope you enjoy it!

We also discussed The Lifespan of a Fact, when discussing unreliable narrators.

You can learn more about Jeffrey's work at the above links or at his publisher's website HERE. You can also catch up with his latest news at his Twitter feed HERE. Another article about Jeffrey appeared in Texas Monthly.

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