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PT Gazell interview

May 16, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 9
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
PT Gazell interview
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PT Gazell developed his melodic style of harmonica through playing a range of genres, from Bluegrass, to Pop, Country and Jazz.

After his iconic first album, Pace Yourself, he became a session musician and toured with Country bands before taking a prolonged break from playing due to his frustrations at the limitations of the diatonic harmonica. 

This led him to develop his Gazell Method half-valved diatonic, in partnership with the German manufacturer Seydel.

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If you're interested in purchasing a Gazell Method diatonic:
from within the US: http://www.ptgazell.com/gazell-method-harmonicas-1.html
outside the US: https://www.seydel1847.de/epages/Seydel1847.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Seydel/Categories/Products/Specialities/PT-Halbventiliert

PT offers teaching either through the online course at Music Gurus:
Or you can email PT if you're interested in one-to-one tuition: info@ptgazell.com

Some of the equipment PT uses:
Audix Fireball V5 mic: https://audixusa.com/docs_12/units/FireBall_V.shtml
Bulletini mic: http://www.blowsmeaway.com/bulletini.html
Lone Wolf effects pedals: https://www.lonewolfblues.com

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and Blows Me Away Productions: http://www.blowsmeaway.com/

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When started playing harmonica
Decision to pursue music as a career
Moved to Lexington and early musical influences
Pace Yourself album
Influence of Charlie McCoy
Started touring with Johnny Paycheck
Decided to give up playing harmonica for a spell
What brought PT back to the harmonica
The advent of half-valve playing for PT
What is half-valving?
Why PT plays half-valved harmonicas
Overblows / overbending comparison to half-valve playing
Development of Gazell Method diatonic
Comparison of half-valved diatonic with chromatic
What genre of music to use half-valved diatonic for
Can buy Gazell Method diatonic from Seydel
Swingin’ Easy and Hittin’ Hard album and playing jazz
Back To Back album with Brendan Power
Two Days Out album
Gazell Method range of harmonicas from Seydel
PT’s website shows keys of harmonicas used on albums
PT’s CDs have the tracks available without harmonica
Beatles Songs
A Madness To The Method album
Latest album: The Loft Sessions
Being a bandleader
Advice for upcoming bands
Chromatic harmonica
10 minute question
Harmonica of choice
Favourite key of harmonica
Different tunings
Amplifiers and pedals
Future plans