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Michael D'Eath interview

June 28, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 15
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Michael D'Eath interview
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Michael D’Eath is the President of the American harmonica organisation SPAH. He tells us what SPAH is all about and the many benefits it brings to its members.

The SPAH convention is one of the biggest events on the harmonica calendar, and this year it will be online. Allowing more international artists to be utilised, and providing the opportunity for people around the world to take part in the convention, which takes place from Aug 12-15 2020. 

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SPAH website:

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Archive material:
SPAH Archive website:

Roger Trobridge's Archivist website: the first 20 years of SPAH:

HarmonicaUK (formerly National Harmonica League), Lockdown sessions, including info on Chromatic Weekend: July 25/26 2020:

Michael's band, Him & Her:

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Michael's name
English roots and move to US
What got Michael started on harmonica
Michael’s band: Him & Her
What got Michael interested in chromatic playing
What started Michael’s SPAH involvement
Joined SPAH board
The role of SPAH, including history
SPAH shift to emphasise diatonic more
Peter Madcat Ruth
National Harmonica League UK and Chromatic weekend
Chromatic harmonica
Place of diatonic harmonica in SPAH
Benefits of being a SPAH member
Online SPAH convention of 2020
SPAH online convention seminars
Slideshows during breaks will include archive material
Concerts in the evenings
All performers and presenters are getting paid, donations requested
Hope to run jam sessions after concerts
Any plans for SPAH to run more activities online?
Professional company will run Zoom sessions
SPAH scholarship programme involvement
What harmonicas does Michael play
Favourite key of harmonica
Alternative tunings
Amps and mics
Effects pedals
Last word on the upcoming convention