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Mickey Raphael interview

September 02, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 21
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Mickey Raphael interview
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Mickey Raphael started out playing on the Dallas folk scene before meeting with Willie Nelson at a jam session. Forty six years later, Mickey has toured the world with Willie.
Alongside that, Mickey has enjoyed great recording success as a session musician, playing with Emmylou Harris, the Highwayman Country Supergroup, U2, Wynton Marsalis, Ringo Starr, and more recently with Chris Stapleton. The list goes on and on.
He played at Ray Charles funeral, and was most likely the inspiration for the Blues Brothers.
Throughout it all Mickey has remained humble about his tremendous career playing the harmonica.

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Mickey's website: http://www.mickeyraphael.com/
Discography: https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/mickey_raphael/credits/

Mickey playing with Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSOBOJ10JZo
Mickey playing Georgia with Willie Nelson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt8pgr7J6g0
Mickey playing with Chris Stapleton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4nP16bUVL8

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Grew up in Dallas and influenced by British Blues invasion
Started playing guitar but soon went to harmonica
Donnie Brooks inspired Mickey to play
Paul Butterfield was a mentor to Mickey
First recorded with BW Stevenson
First met Willie Nelson
Important not to overplay
What Willie liked about the harmonica in his band
Red Headed Stranger album
Mickey appeared in two movies with Willie
Touring with Willie and favourite venue
Difference between studio and live albums
Range of genres playing with Willie
Ray Charles album with Wynton Marsalis
Mickey played at Ray Charles funeral
Played with Emmylou Harris
Highwayman Country supergroup
Playing Orange Blossom Special with Johnny Cash
Solo album: Hand To Mouth
Red River Valley instrumental album
Album with Chris Stapleton
Other big names Mickey has played with
Met Miles Davis
Mickey helped inspire formation of the Blues Brothers
Why the move to Nashvile and recording with Charlie McCoy
Some involvement in harmonica for health
Country style of harmonica
What position does Mickey usually use and working on movie scores
Does Mickey use Country tuning?
Chromatic harmonica
Bass harmonica
10 minute question
Harmonica of choice
Favourite key of diatonic
Different tunings
Amps and mics
Effects pedals and ribbon mics
Tube amps
Future plans