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Fata Morgana interview

December 19, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 30
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Fata Morgana interview
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Fata Morgana are a Dutch harmonica quartet, who first formed in 1980 after meeting at the Eindhoven Harmonica Club. Two of the original members survive from that time, with the current line-up existing since 2001.
The group have played at many festivals around the world, including in Asia where harmonica groups are still very popular. They have released six albums, with their latest one in 2017 including four guest harmonica players from across Europe.
They share how they put together their own arrangements, how they get their sound and what life is like on the road for a touring harmonica group. 

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Fata Morgana name
The group formed in 1980 from being part of the Eindhoven Harmonica Club
Rob and Ronald are founder members of the quartet
How the line-up has changed over the years
Organised a 40th year anniversary concert in Switzerland (cancelled due to Pandemic)
Rob Janssen on Chromatic and Harmonetta
What a harmonetta is
Ronald Kamminga is the bass player
Ronald also plays the organ
Paul Cornelissen plays second chromatic
Paul won a competition at the Estonia festival in Duo Cadence
Antal van Acquoy is the chord player, and explains exactly what a chord harmonica is
Rhythm section of the group
Each member of group still live in Eindhoven area
Brendan Power developed a slide for the bass harmonica
Suzuki have developed a bass harmonica designed like a chromatic
Orchestral instruments are expensive
Rob’s father, Peter, started the Eindhoven Harmonica Club
The harmonica groups that inspired Fata Morgana
Jerry Murad trio
The appeal of a harmonica group today
Harmonica Groups are still popular in Asia, but going down in Europe and the US
Fata Morgana were very popular at a concert in Taiwan
Other appearances in Asia
Fata Morgana have performed over 400 concerts together, and length of concerts
Only one vocal track recorded by the group, with Mityas Pribojzski
Decided never to enter a television talent competition
The repertoire of the group
Attending the Jersey festival in 1987 opened up possibilities for the group
Two albums released through the 1980s, and re-released as a compilation in 2000
The group appearances at the Jersey festival in 1987
Started mixing genres in the pieces they played
Video of the group playing in Jersey turned up in Japan in 2005
Rob and Ronald recorded a Christmas album with Jim Hughes and Ivan Richards
Way To Your Heart Album in 1996
For Once In My Life album in 2000
Size of the group’s repertoire
How they arrange and select the songs they perform
The group try to agree on the songs they select but there are some exceptions
Never play their arrangements from sheet music, but memorise them
Struttin’ With Some Harmonica album, released in 2006
Four Friends album released in 2017
Antonio Serrano appears on album. They first met Antonio in Jersey when he was 13 years old
Track with Hermine Deurloo
Rob has released a solo album
How the group get along after playing together for so long
Entertaining the audience and wearing different outfits
Select songs from the region they are playing in
Have appeared at SPAH twice
Tips for other people interested in playing in harmonica ensembles
Ten minutes question
The harmonicas of choice for the group
Amplification equipment used
Effects used
Future plans