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The Examined Life

December 28, 2021 Corbie Mitleid Season 4 Episode 7
Mystic Magic
The Examined Life
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Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Corbie Mitleid. Corbie brings her skills as a Certified Tarot Master, psychic medium, past life specialist and channel.

Corbie began using tarot as a teenager, influenced by a James Bond film. Corbie does not tell people what to do; she shares what options they have in the paths ahead. She intervenes if she hears they have been abused. She then counsels them to leave for their safety. Corbie draws out the allegory to help them find the meaning in the cards. Anyone can interpret the tarot in a way that is affirming and empowering.

Mitleid is a past life specialist. Past life regression should only be done by a certified hypnotherapist because if someone is reliving something violent, they know how to pull you out so you can observe it, but not feel it. Corbie does past life retrieval. She goes to the Akashic records and provides the information to client. That way, the client does not have to relive trauma.

As a theater major, writer, and history buff, she interprets through these strengths. Everyone approaches readings according to their skills. She does not use a pendulum or spirit art. Corbie suggests when talking to an intuitive counselor, don't expect the same thing from different people.

Her book, "The Psychic Yellow Brick Road" was developed due to an incident at a fair in Canada. She describes a fake gypsy who "hooks" and traumatizes a client to swindle her. The book teaches you what to ask, how to choose, how to stay safe, when you shouldn't have a reading - all for the purpose of keeping the client safe.

Corbie goes away when she does a psychic reader. She knows she is the vessel. She knows that ego will make you doubt yourself if you do not simply allow Spirit to have its full sway. 

Corbie chose the last name Mitleid because it means compassion.  A woman told her she sucks but returned to Corbie when her reading proved to be true.  Corbie giggled and continued to give her another reading. Mitleid has had death threats. She keeps a sign-in sheet to match up handwriting to the threatening one for the police. Intuits do not always get respect.

She grew up Jewish. She looked at paths that have healing, service, love and humility. She rules out those who say they are the only ones with the right answer. She works with the Christ consciousness.

They discuss the difference between incarnations and souls. When she does medical intuitive reads, her deceased insightful father often comes. We come here to learn certain things. Corbie advises karma is healing, service, contrast, unbalanced energy and healing of beliefs. She shared how Ryan White saved Elton John and, as a result, the AIDS foundation that was inspired by Ryan raised a half billion dollars. She believes that one can do much in a short time.  Even when a woman has a miscarriage, she maintains her relationship with the soul of the fetus because they have a contract with each other.

Corbie's examined life includes her bouts with breast cancer. She uses her pain as a part of her teaching. She talks about her troubles if it will help someone. Her way of life is "rollercoaster, no brakes". The soul integrates the good stuff and tosses out what is not needed.

Sledding as a 4-year-old, Corbie's head hit a concrete bench that slammed her into her third eye.  Throughout her life, she has known there is magic in the world. Until she was on her own, she kept the magic hidden. Go to her website: or find her Facebook at Fire Through Spirit, on YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter as Corbie Mitleid. Go to Patreon to work with her through subscription. Her books are available on Amazon.

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: "Warmth from the Cold.

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