A Very Brief Introduction to the British Empire

Episode 5: Conquest in Asia

June 04, 2020 Uncomfortable Oxford Season 1 Episode 5
A Very Brief Introduction to the British Empire
Episode 5: Conquest in Asia
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We begin our second module of the lecture series with a detailed overview of British conquest in Asia.

Historian Urvi Khaitan provides a discussion of the establishment of the British Raj after the revolt of 1857 and how British trade concerns led to numerous battles across south and east Asia. The substantial changes brought to ecosystems and economies extended beyond just the Indian Peninsula, affecting all surrounding nations and peoples. The Anglo-Burmese wars, the Opium Wars, and the Great Game are all discussed. It becomes clear that historical divisions introduced by imperial conquest are the basis for many modern tensions we are seeing today, especially in Myanmar, India, and Hong Kong.

The content for this episode is based on a public lecture given in a local pub in the city of Oxford, in Feburary 2020. The information is aimed at a non-specialist audience who is interested in learning more about the legacies of the British Empire.

This podcast is run by Uncomfortable Oxford and features bi-weekly releases of our public lecture series on the history of the British Empire. Uncomfortable Oxford is run by Doctoral students at the University of Oxford and aims to raise awareness and discourse about 'uncomfortable' issues in the modern world.

Empire in Asia
The First World War
The British Raj
1857 and the Sepoy Revolt
The Role of Women
British Retaliation
Partition of Bengal
Ecological Impact
What defines a nation?
Informal Empire
The Opium Wars
Anti-Foreign Movements
Russia and the Great Game
The Missing Voices