No Shitting In The Toilet


June 24, 2020 Peter Moore Season 1 Episode 4
No Shitting In The Toilet
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This week Peter hits all the right notes with an episode about the magic alchemy between music and travel.

He talks to Mr World Music, Simon Broughton, about the best places to have an truly authentic music experience in your travels.

A Scottish musician who followed his heart to Calabria helps him read out your musical tales from the road.

And Peter tries to explain, with little success, why 'Kiss (When The Sun Son't Shine)' by the Vengaboys is one of his Top 5 music and travel experiences.

Oh, and there's the podcast's very first live musical performance to look forward to as well.

Teaser Introduction
Simon Broughton on World Music
Listeners' Stories
Live performance of Glendaruel by Charles Winning
Top 5 Music and Travel Experiences
Drive by Charles Winning