JMFA Podcast

Benefits of Implementing a Fair, Consistent Overdraft Program

September 22, 2020 JMFA
JMFA Podcast
Benefits of Implementing a Fair, Consistent Overdraft Program
Show Notes

Not all overdraft programs are created equal. To be successful, you must use a proven program management method that provides day-to-day consistency and total compliance peace of mind. That’s where industry-leading JMFA—a strategic partner for The Wisconsin Credit Union League and CUNA Strategic Services—comes in.

In this episode, Tara Krejcarek, WCUL's Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships, speaks with Shay Santos, Dane County Credit Union's CEO. Their discussion focuses on the many benefits the credit union has realized by choosing JMFA as their consulting partner. You'll hear Shay's perspective on how the program has benefited the credit union and members, including—vital factors to consider when evaluating your program, why members use the service, and how the credit union effectively manages risk. Plus, you'll gain useful insight into how offering the service aligns with the credit union's mission.


  • 1:47 – Top factors to consider when selecting a provider
  • 4:00 – Achieving continued improvement 
  • 6:49 – Using additional non-interest income to enhance services for members
  • 7:25 – Why offering a program should be on your radar
  • 8:08 – The importance of a fair overdraft program
  • 9:00 – Final thoughts from Shay

Shay Santos is the Chief Executive Officer of Dane County Credit Union League (DCCU). With a passion for credit unions and the success of the industry movement as a whole, Santos deeply appreciates the fact that credit unions have always focused on helping local people and their communities. From McFarland, Wisconsin, Santos graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Economics degree and earned an MBA from Edgewood College. He’s been with DCCU since 1990.

Tara Krejacarek is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for the Wisconsin Credit Union League Services Corporation (WCUL) where she helps match Wisconsin credit unions with business partners that can help them reach their business goals. Krejacarek graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Political Science degree and earned an MBA from Carrol University. She’s been with the WCUL since 2007.

Susan Prell is a Regional Director for JMFA, helping credit unions in Wisconsin with improving revenue and service delivery. To learn more about the potential income opportunities and how a fully disclosed and compliant overdraft service contact Susan at (952) 250-6172.