How to Find Good Podcasts

It’s no secret that podcasts have a serious discoverability problem. It’s difficult to find high-quality shows that aren’t created for mass market appeal with 6-figure budgets and teams of sound engineers.

So how can you find that diamond in the rough? How do you find the perfect podcast for you?

In this blog, we’ll dive into four strategies that will help you discover new podcasts to enjoy.

1. “You Might Also Like”

If you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), there is a fantastic feature buried in the Apple Podcasts app.

When you navigate to your favorite podcast, scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see a section called “You Might Also Like” with a list of podcasts.

These are podcasts that listeners of the podcast also subscribe to.

In this example, people that subscribe to Buzzcast also subscribe to How to Start a Podcast, 5 Minute Mondays, and several others.

Clicking the link that says "See All" takes you to the full list shown in the screenshot to the right.

This feature is a great way to discover other podcasts that appeal to the same group of people (people like you).

On the desktop iTunes app (soon to be scrapped in favor of a standalone Apple Podcast desktop app), this information is available under the “Related” tab and is called “Listeners Also Subscribed To.”

2. Ask Your Friends

Excuse us for stating the obvious, but surprisingly this strategy gets overlooked quite a bit. If you know of friends that also listen to podcasts, friends that you know share common interests, ask them what shows they listen to every week.

It’s the same thing you would do if you needed to find a new taco place. Chances are you’d think to yourself, “who do I know that loves tacos and knows the best Mexican restaurants in the area?”

Rather than try every Mexican restaurant yourself, you save a lot of time and energy by asking around. It’s the same with discovering new podcasts.

Ask your friends what podcasts they’re listening to and if they’d recommend that you listen to them as well.

3. Podcast Facebook Groups

Believe it or not, there are entire online communities dedicated to sharing new and exciting podcasts and swapping recommendations.

For example, in the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group podcast hosts post links to new episodes under genre-specific posts and regular group members are posting new discoveries all the time.

But what sets groups like this apart is that no matter what kind of podcast you are looking for, other members have already discovered it. Here’s an example of a post in the Podcasts We Listen To group:

This person wants to find a podcast similar to one they already listen to (Heavyweight) and this post received no less than 20 comments with suggestions from other podcast listeners.

There are numerous groups like this (and even some that are genre-specific), all it takes is a little searching within Facebook to find the right ones for you.

4. Listen to Interview Podcasts

Another fantastic way to get turned on to new podcasts is by listening to podcasts that feature guest interviews. Many guests have podcasts of their own, so after you listen to their conversation you can go check out their show as well.

You can listen to a podcast that covers a wide range of people and industries like School of Greatness or WTF with Marc Maron or listen to a podcast that focuses on a single category or genre.

For instance, if you’re into online marketing and entrepreneurship, listening to Smart Passive Income will introduce you to a world of podcasters that create content around that topic.

Finding an interview podcast that consistently features high-quality guests (many of whom also have podcasts) is an easy way to expand your library of podcast subscriptions.

Travis Albritton

Travis Albritton

Travis Albritton is the Head of Content for Buzzsprout and host of "How to Start a Podcast."