Lancefield on the Line

Niko Canner: Finding your extraordinary path

February 23, 2022 David Lancefield Season 2 Episode 7
Lancefield on the Line
Niko Canner: Finding your extraordinary path
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Organisations are crying out for more strategic leaders. These are the people who are brave enough to make a commitment to an extraordinary path, and skilful enough to make a multitude of choices to get there. They’re able to reframe complex problems as they shape brighter futures for those around them. In conversation they stretch and support, nourish and confront in equal measure.

In this podcast, Niko Canner, founder of Incandescent, speaks eloquently about their traits, mindsets, and practices of these strategic leaders. He describes how it feels t the beginning of a strategy process – the stimulation, the vulnerabilities, the mistakes, and ultimately progress towards a coherent set of choices that enables the organisation to get closer to that extraordinary path.

About Niko:

Niko Canner founded Incandescent in 2013. His work spans the firm’s three major areas of focus: serving as a thought partner to leaders of large enterprises on strategy, organization and innovation; advising founders on the development of their ventures; and partnering with foundations and non-profits engaged in systems change. Here’s his profile.

On Human Enterprise blog - highly recommended. Beautifully written, deep, and practical too. Full of wisdom.

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