Lancefield on the Line

Peter Fisk: How do you recode yourself to leap forward

October 12, 2021 David Lancefield Season 1 Episode 3
Lancefield on the Line
Peter Fisk: How do you recode yourself to leap forward
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An inspirational leader often creates a leap forward in the positioning, performance and profile of the organisation. They’ve been bold enough to look at a situation with new lenses - customer, outsider, new employee. They look for stimulus in the margins, listening carefully to new voices and those who are at the margins. And then they have the courage to take the leap forward. That means letting go of the past – activities, mindset, even people - and identifying the limiting assumptions you make about the business or the space you compete in.

So what do you need to do to "recode yourself" to make this leap forward?

Peter Fisk (, the speaker, author, advisor and professor talks about this and more in this stimulating discussion. 


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Peter's process for selecting inspirational leaders – and his top pick
Biggest obstacles that get in the way of leaders recoding their businesses
The first step leaders can take to explore new possibilities
The most material shifts that deserve the attention of CEOs and Boards
What helps organisations and individuals make big leaps
How the CMO should evolve and relate to other C-suite roles
Why Peter's intrigued by developments in Asia and South America
How and what he has changed in the last 18 months
How Peter measures his impact