Lancefield on the Line

Amii Barnard-Bahn: How to enhance your promotability

November 24, 2021 David Lancefield Season 1 Episode 9
Lancefield on the Line
Amii Barnard-Bahn: How to enhance your promotability
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What does it take to promote yourself in the best possible way? And how do you do it in a non-obnoxious way?

Work on your self-awareness - explore your values, preferences and motivations. Get some insightful feedback (not forgetting your peers) on how you show up and understand what's valued by people who matter. Develop your executive presence, and your voice on topics that matter. And supercharge your strategic thinking.

These are the elements of the Promotability approach pioneered by Amii-Barnard Bahn.

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Promotability Index Guidebook.

Promotability Index Assessment.

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What’s happening in the C-Suite
Sustaining leadership changes post-pandemic
The promotability index
What people who master promotability do
Where you start if you want to improve your promotability
How to temper your obsession with personal brand
How hybrid work changes the way we promote ourselves
Making sure there’s substance to support the perception
The sweetspot between progression and performance
Lessons from advocacy for the business world
Her advice to a CEO on how to improve diversity, representation and belonging
What a 100-year old Amii would be proud of