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iTunes & Your Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iTunes host my podcast?

No, iTunes is a podcast directory and they don’t host any audio files. They are just providing a great place for people to learn about your podcast. To get your podcast into iTunes, you’ll need to host your podcast online and create a valid RSS Feed. This is what Buzzsprout does for you.

Can I login to iTunes to make changes to my listing?

No, iTunes periodically updates your listing by checking your RSS feed. If you’d like to update your iTunes listing you’ll want to edit your podcast details in Buzzsprout.

Can I sell my podcast on the iTunes store?

No, iTunes does not currently allow you to sell your podcast in the iTunes Store.

Do I have to submit my feed every time I publish a new episode? No, after iTunes approves your feed, you’re good to go. iTunes will check your RSS feed every 24 hours to check for any updates.

Submitting your feed to iTunes

How can I test my RSS feed before I submit it to iTunes?

Since Apple launched iTunes connect you can verify your podcast prior to submitting it to iTunes. Read more about how to submit your podcast to iTunes using Podcast Connect.

Do I need an iTunes account to submit a podcast?

Yes, it doesn’t cost anything to submit a podcast to the iTunes store, but a valid Apple ID is required.

How long does it take for iTunes to approve a podcast submission?

iTunes typically takes between 24 hours to 14 days to approve a podcast. The times vary because they have real people review and approve your show.

If you’re having an issue with your podcast submission taking longer than 14 days you may want to contact iTunes.

Why didn’t iTunes approve my podcast feed?

iTunes will not approve a submitted feed because the show’s content includes unauthorized copyrighted material, profane metadata, erotica, illegal solicitations, or hate speech. iTunes has a strict policy against show’s with this type of content.

If you’re not posting any content mentioned above, but have still been rejected, one of most common reasons for this is that you don’t have any episodes in your feed yet, or the podcast contains explicit content but is not marked it as “explicit.”

Can I re submit a podcast that’s been rejected?

Yes. If you believe you fixed the reason your podcast was rejected you can try resubmitting the feed to iTunes again. If iTunes suspects that your podcast is a duplicate follow these steps to resubmit your podcast to iTunes.