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Publishing in iTunes

What size artwork does iTunes need?

With its new redesign, iTunes has gotten particular about the artwork they want to display to their users.

The recommended size and format is now:

1400x1400 pixel JPG

How long should my podcast’s description be?

Descriptions are a little tricky. You want them long enough to explain your show, while short enough to keep people’s attention.

Put the most compelling aspect about your show in the first few sentences.

We suggest you browse in iTunes and look at other top shows to see how long they have their descriptions. Also, look at how many lines of description are shown before someone has to click "more" to see the rest and then make sure your most important information is above that line.

How do I change my show description in Buzzsprout?

To change your show’s description, log into your Buzzsprout account and select the “Update Your Podcast info” tab next to your show’s title. Your description is the first thing you see on the first page. Make the changes and hit save.

Buzzsprout will immediately change your RSS feed to reflect the changes, but iTunes will take at least 24 hours to update their main listing.

Does Buzzsprout support individual artwork for episodes?

Yep! Buzzsprout allows you to upload individual artwork for each podcast episode you publish. You can do this after the episode's initial upload. To do it, click on the "edit" button next to the episode's title, and upload the artwork there.

How can I get more subscribers?

You’ve asked the million-dollar question! Of course, the number of subscribers to your show depends on several factors like niche, content and personality. Buzzsprout works to give you all the technical advantages you need to get subscribers including the seamless hosting, RSS feed maintenance and audio optimization for playback, the rest is up to you!

How do I show up in iTunes search results?

The great news about iTunes is, it isn’t google. They tell you exactly how to set up your show to make it show up in their search results.

We’ve created a large post “iTunes Must-Haves for Maximizing Your Podcast’s Visibility” that explains the most crucial parts of your podcast’s information to help you get in iTunes’s search results.

Don’t forget reviews! One part not covered in the post above are the importance placed on show reviews. iTunes puts a high value on these. The best way to get them is to ask your audience to take a minute to give you a short one on iTunes after or while they’re listen.

How do I get on iTunes’s New & Noteworthy section?

There isn’t a submission process for getting on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes. The best way to do it is to make sure your show’s artwork, description and metadata are all top-notch.

To learn more about optimizing these aspects of your show, check out our article "Getting into iTunes New & Noteworthy"