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Contact iTunes Support

How do I contact iTunes about my podcast?

To contact Apple - the best way we know of is to work through these menus until you get to an email form. They don't have a direct link. Instructions are below.

Click on iTunes > iTunes Store > Other iTunes Store Topics > My topic is not listed > Enter "Podcast Submission" > Select some options from their little form, leave the optional fields empty and click continue > Sign in if asked to > Then you should get to an email form.

When describing your issue go ahead and tell them that you validated your feed and there are no warnings or errors. It validated perfectly. This is alway the first thing they ask when they respond so it may save you a step.

Can Buzzsprout contact iTunes for me?

No. Buzzsprout is able to provide support for many things, but cannot contact iTunes for you. We’d be happy to give you pointers for what to say before you do, though!