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How do I contact Apple Podcasts about my podcast?

We strongly suggest you contact the Buzzsprout support team before contacting Apple Podcasts. The Buzzsprout support team is very knowledgable and responsive. Most issues can be resolved without having to contact Apple. If however your case does require assistance from the Apple Podcasts team, we'll either facilitate that communication on your behalf or give you clear instructions on how to contact them and how to best describe your issue.

Can Buzzsprout contact Apple Podcasts for me?

Again, it's best to start by contacting the Buzzsprout support team and go from there. In most cases, if it gets to the point where help from the Apple Podcasts team is necessary, we'll typically help you draft an email and provide you with their email address. It's usually best for the podcast owner to reach out to Apple Podcasts when necessary unless the issue has something to do with our network, systems, or service.