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Share a podcast episode on Clammr

Clammr is a great social media platform for sharing audio files and growing your podcast.

  1. Create a Clammr account

    Share a podcast episode on Clammrt

  2. Click on the episode that you'd like to share on Clammr

  3. Click Share

  4. Click Post a Clip to Clammr

    Post a Clip to Clammr

  5. Buzzsprout will send the clip to Clammr which will generate the waveform. This will take just a minute. Now you can move the waveform to the portion of your episode you'd like share.

  6. Click Crop & Review

  7. Buzzsprout will automatically give Clammr your Title and episode artwork, but you might also want to include more information about your episode to help Clammr listeners. Now click Post.

Now your clip is live on Clammr! Share it with your friends and if they like it, they can listen to the entire episode.

Clip live on Clammr