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Import Episodes into Buzzsprout

If you’re moving your podcast to Buzzsprout, you can use our podcast migration tool to import all of your past episodes quickly and efficiently. To import episodes you’ll first need to upgrade to any of the Buzzsprout paid plans.

Import your podcast

  1. Click Upload a New Episode
  2. Click the Import a podcast link under the button

    a. If you’re not on a paid plan, you’ll need to upgrade before you can go to the next step

  3. Verify your feed by giving us your existing RSS feed URL

  4. Review your import. This will tell you how many episodes we’ll be importing and their approximate duration. If you’re importing more than a few episodes, it’s likely that you’ll run over your monthly allowance. If that’s the case you’ll have some overage charges on your next bill.

  5. Click Begin the Import

Then you’re all set! Your episodes will begin importing and processing in Buzzsprout. If there are any episode that you don’t want hosted on Buzzsprout you can delete them once they’ve imported and you won’t be billed for them.