Your Own Podcast App

Your Buzzsprout site functions as a mobile App on your listener's devices. Simply use the Add to Home Screen feature on iOS and Android devices and presto! Your own app; zero setup or maintenance required.

On iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods)

Get your own podcast app

Newer Android devices

  1. Navigate to your Buzzsprout site in Chrome
  2. Slide out option menu in Chrome
  3. Find the "Add to home screen" option towards bottom of list
  4. You will see the app icon being placed on your home screen

Most Android devices

  1. Bookmark your Buzzsprout site URL in your browser
  2. Go to the home screen you want to add the App to
  3. Long-press any empty space to get the “Add to Home Screen” menu
  4. Select “Shortcuts”
  5. Select “Bookmark”
  6. Choose your bookmark!

How can I get it?

Just follow the steps above! There’s no separate fee or interface for you to manage.

In fact, there’s nothing to manage at all. It just works. You keep publishing your episodes, and your listeners simply install the App directly from the web and receive your latest updates the moment they go live.

How does it work?

Buzzsprout has created a sleek mobile version of your podcast’s public website. Even though it’s a mobile version of a real site, it’s built to look, work and feel identical to a traditional App. To install the App to a home screen, the user simply uses the smartphone’s “Add to Home screen” option and the mobile site is installed on their home screen.

How do I get my listeners to use it?

Let them know it’s available! For a listener, having an App for your podcast on their home screen gives them direct access to your freshest content, which is a big plus! The App updates as soon as the episode goes live in Buzzsprout.