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Linda Pinizzotto, Realtor ®, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author

Linda Pinizzotto, DStG, is a well known Canadian Realtor and Businesswoman, Savvy Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and Radio Show Host. She was Knighted as a Dame of the Order of St George (DStG) for her philanthropy, high level of dedication towards non profit Associations and charity efforts. Linda is the Founder CEO of Condo Owners Association (COA) Ontario and the 26 Cities of the COA helping over 1.7 Million Condo Owners in the Province. Linda is an expert in her field of: Lifestyle Investments Condo Apartment or Townhomes Freehold Townhomes Detached or Semi-Detached Homes Single or Multi Family Housing Industrial and Commercial Development Land Vacation Properties Governments Help or Hurt ASK LINDA PINIZZOTTO 416-561-7373

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