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Mile Hi Church Sunday talks posted weekly here! Mile Hi is a New Thought church in Lakewood, Colorado. Practical and universal spirituality, affirmative prayer, meditation and oneness are at the heart of all we do. Our community focuses on healing, growth, empowerment, positive living, mindfulness and a grounded spiritual path as well as overcoming anxiety, focusing on forgiveness and fostering healthy relationships.

Recent Episodes

The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life with Barry EbertJuly 01, 2020 Episode artwork The Spark That Never Goes Out with Roger TeelJune 29, 2020 Episode artwork Finding Common Ground with Ras Smith, Josh Reeves, and Linda RengelJune 25, 2020 Episode artwork Build Your Life With Divine Ideas with Josh ReevesJune 22, 2020 Episode artwork Misbehaving in Great Integrity with Patty Luckenbach, Michelle Medrano, and Jackie HarrisJune 18, 2020 Episode artwork Going From Awful to AWE-full with Michelle MedranoJune 15, 2020 Episode artwork Are We Just Worm Food? with Chris Plym, Josh Reeves, and Simon ShadowlightJune 11, 2020 Episode artwork Applying spiritual truths to issues of race and inequity in conversation with Rev. Stephen Rambo, Senior Minister at CSL Simi ValleyJune 09, 2020 Episode artwork Rising Above Normalcy with Patty Luckenbach, Barry Ebert, & Josh ReevesJune 08, 2020 Episode artwork A Love Story with Kay Johnson, Michelle Medrano, and Chris PlymJune 04, 2020 Episode artwork Legacy of Love Part 4: Living a Legacy at Mile Hi Church Celebrating 60 Years! with Michelle Medrano & Josh ReevesJune 01, 2020 Episode artwork Hearts Are Growing with Masando Hiraoka, Josh Reeves, and Patty LuckenbachMay 28, 2020 Episode artwork Legacy of Love Part 3: Living a Legacy in Community with Josh ReevesMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork Consciousness Is Expanding with Masando Hiraoka, Michelle Medrano, and Simon ShadowlightMay 21, 2020 Episode artwork Legacy of Love Part 2: Living a Legacy as Me with Michelle MedranoMay 18, 2020 Episode artwork The Wisdom of Not Knowing: An Intro with Jackie Harris, Josh Reeves, and Zemirah JazwierskaMay 18, 2020 Episode artwork Legacy of Love Series Part 1 with Michelle MedranoMay 11, 2020 Episode artwork Beyond Our Tribes with Barry Ebert, Michelle Medrano, and Michelle Scavetta May 07, 2020 Episode artwork Standing Strong Today with Michelle MedranoMay 04, 2020 Episode artwork Digging Deeper with Patty Luckenbach, Josh Reeves, and Masando HiraokaApril 30, 2020 Episode artwork Coming Back to Life with Josh ReevesApril 27, 2020 Episode artwork A Mile Hi Conversation with Roger Teel, Michelle Medrano, and Josh ReevesApril 23, 2020 Episode artwork Reclaiming Your Power Zone with Roger TeelApril 20, 2020 Episode artwork The Hidden Gifts of Uncertainty with Masando Hiraoka, Michelle Medrano, and Patty LuckenbachApril 16, 2020 Episode artwork Easter Sunday: The Rebirth of Spirit with Josh ReevesApril 13, 2020 Episode artwork