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a. Nichole is the poster child for the word: Multipreneur. She is also a free spirited, opinionated, indigo child who is beautifully melanated. a.Nichole refuses to stay in society's boxes and she wants you to as well. She gives advice and life coaching on every facet of life...even the subjects you’re afraid to touch. She goes in deep and she does it unapologetically! Think of her as your best friend in your head that is always going to tell you the real and help you maximize your potential all while eliminating all kinds of unnecessary fawkery in your life. a.Nichole is a behavior scientist and a Forensic Psychology PhD Candidate who loves to marry her razor sharp tongue and cheek personality with her scholarly and philosophical knowledge.Check out her various social media outlets!IG: @nikkiesthoughts, @hedonistplayground, @atribecalledsis @kingstonskitchen @blacksaucebrand @blacksauceenrichmentcenter @ijustwantmypeopletohealTwitter: @nikkiesthoughtsFacebook:

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