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The Real Estate Influencer Buzz Podcast Michele Bellisari

Hey guys thanks for buzzin' by my hive! I am Michele Bee a midlife mama, wife, Realtor, dog lover and consummate implementer of social media for branding and business. I am a blogger and vlogger at #SoooBoca Lifestyle Blog & Media, speaker and educator that is a glass half full human with a creative mindset and zest for learning and life.

If you are a real estate consumer thinking of buying or selling check out the first season of this podcast for timely tips and resources with a mix of seriousness and my dry sense of humor!

Season 2 of The Real Estate Influencer Buzz Podcast is dropping on October 8th 2018 and is for the Realtors out there who are trying to up their social proof without being THAT annoying agent. Expert influencer guests from in and out of the real estate industry will share invaluable and insightful advice from what channel to use and why, how to start a blog, video marketing, social media hacks and apps, using PR in your Biz, becoming that go to expert in your community and where to get started and all on a shoestring budget!

Short segments that won't blow your mind so you can jump start your online presence in 24 hours or less! You will enjoy my "Five in the Hive" interview style and I hope it inspires you to revamp and reinvent some things in your business just like I did. #ageisjustanumber

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