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We Make Gardening Easier. PlantPlots is garden design company with a difference, we want you to learn how to create a great looking garden yourself. Our advice is simple, practical and affordable - It is a garden design site for all those who'd love a great looking garden - but haven't a clue where to start! You can listen to advice on how to make your garden less boring; listen to our series on 'how to design a garden if...' or work out what to do about an ugly view. We'll tell you how to sort out an overgrown garden; create a garden if your budget is limited and even provide you with information on plants to avoid if you don't like gardening! If you want to see what we talk about, many of the topics are also on our website, but we'd also love you to tell us what you think too - just email us So for garden advice that's right up your street or really useful tips on garden design have a little listen.