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The Unbreakables Podcast

Jay Murga

Hello Everyone! Welcome to "The Unbreakables Podcast." My name is Jessica (Jay) Murga, I am the host of the Unbreakables Podcast. I believe everyone is Unbreakable and we all have a story to tell. A platform created to inspire, influence and deliver a MASSIVE positive impact; Through the transparency of my journey and diving into the minds of inspiring individuals. You will learn how to discover your true purpose to success by applying the tools and strategies that are provided. We are LIVING testaments of turning tragedy into triumph; bringing life experiences, success stories and entrepreneurial breakthroughs to the table. With a positive mindset, faith and the will power to persevere ANYTHING is possible! If this message resonates with you, please share this with someone in need. Continue to create a life of PURPOSE, PASSION and INTENTION and remember, AGAINST ALL ODDS, YOU'RE UNBREAKABLE!

Recent Episodes

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