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The Unbreakables Podcast

Jay & GiftThePoet

Everyone is Unbreakable and we all have a story to tell. This platform was developed from a perspective of pain, hardship, failure and lack of fulfillment. Our goal is to provide value and impact to our audience by diving into the minds and souls of inspiring individuals who have discovered their true purpose to success; through overcoming adversity, failure and perseverance. These UnBreakables are living testaments of turning tragedy into triumph, bringing their life experiences, success stories and entrepreneurial breakthroughs to the table.

Recent Episodes

Andy Audate: From Being Bullied and A College Drop Out to Making His First $1 Million Dollars #20December 02, 2019 Episode artwork BILLY ANDERSON: From Business to Health and Entrepreneur in the Meal Prep Industry #19November 22, 2019 Episode artwork DAVID ALBANESE: Think Big Work Small #18November 11, 2019 Episode artwork MATT PAZ: From Defeating Drug Addiction to Kona Iron Man World Championship Qualifier #17November 04, 2019 Episode artwork JENNY WORTH: Female Fitness Legend ('01 Arnold Classic Champ, 8x Fitness Olympia, 2x Tampa Pro Champ) #16October 28, 2019 Episode artwork MISTY DIAZ: From 28 Surgeries to U.S. Top Adaptive Athlete #15October 25, 2019 Episode artwork DONOVAN ARANDA: So-Cal Supplements Athlete and Competitor to Charged Nutrition Founder #14October 02, 2019 Episode artwork OMAR ELATTAR: From Lost, Broke and Depressed to Interviewing $10-Billion Dollar Entrepreneurs October 01, 2019 Episode artwork RAFA BARRAGAN: Tattooing Out of His Garage To Owning Successful Illuminati Tattoo Lounge #12September 25, 2019 Episode artwork ANDY DANE CARTER (Add Value): Real Estate Expert, Author and Key Note Speaker StrategistSeptember 24, 2019 Episode artwork SAM BAKHTIAR: The First Bodybuilder in HISTORY to WIN a 1st Place Title in Each & Every Weight ClassSeptember 20, 2019 Episode artwork (A MUST WATCH): From 17 Year Law Enforcement 👮🏽‍♀️ Career to Now College Professor Mentor 👩🏻‍🏫 #09September 18, 2019 Episode artwork EJAY CRUZ (Trust The Process): Registered Nurse Turned Podcaster & Influencer #08September 13, 2019 Episode artwork ANDREW CRUZ: U.S Marine Gunnery Sergeant & Entrepreneur discusses the importance of an abundance mindset, discipline and leadership #07September 11, 2019 Episode artwork (How We Escaped a Scarcity Mindset): From Scrubbing Toilets 3 Years Ago to Owning 2 Businesses and 3 BMW's & Now Being Mentored by Omar Elattar #06September 06, 2019 Episode artwork (NICHE DOWN & GO ALL IN): The Sutto Twins Quit their Serving Jobs to Meet their Mentor John Shin #05September 04, 2019 Episode artwork (SPEAK TO THE MASSES): How a Multi-Figure Fitness Enthusiast became CEO & found her GREATNESS #04August 30, 2019 Episode artwork (The Bounce Back): From Lost and Depressed to Song Debut on The Radio #03August 27, 2019 Episode artwork The UnderGround King: From Abandoned at 5 to a World-Renowned Artist (Gordon Ramsey, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez) #02August 23, 2019 Episode artwork MIGUEL AGUILAR - SELF MADE: From Rags to Riches (A Must Watch Interview) #01August 23, 2019 Episode artwork The Unbreakables Podcast Purpose Statement July 24, 2019 Episode artwork