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Carey Anne Nadeau

A modern forum for business conversations in insurance, distributed by Insurance Nerds, and hosted by insurance technologist and entrepreneur, Carey Anne Nadeau.

Recent Episodes Ep 13: Survey finds 39% of consumers want personalized advice from auto insurers, including where it's safe to drive (with Greg Donaldson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group)March 18, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 12: An example of modern insurance products, the promise of paid parental leave insurance (with Dirk Doebler, Founder & CEO Parento)February 05, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 11: Keeping pace with rapid transformation in auto insurance (with Ben Lewis, Director of Automotive and Mobility Strategic Partnerships at Liberty Mutual)November 13, 2019 Episode artwork E 10: Going beyond 'AI is awesome!' (with Herb Chain and Stephen Mildenhall, St. John's University)October 08, 2019 Episode artwork E 9: What's so important about social media and other forms of engagement? (with Ben Baker, President of Your Brand Marketing)October 03, 2019 Episode artwork E 8: Creating technology that customers use (with Bradley Adams of KeynectUp)July 30, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E170: Jennifer Linton of Fenris Digital on Putting The Customer FirstJuly 27, 2019 Episode artwork Ep 7: What happens when you invite insurance execs to dinner and a podcast?July 22, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E169: All About Captive Insurance Companies With Aaron Gordon of Gordon Insurance ServicesJuly 20, 2019 Episode artwork Ep 6: Where are women winning? (with Margaret Resce Milkint)July 16, 2019 Episode artwork E168 - Sarah Muniz on Increasing Your Productivity With Virtual AssistantsJuly 13, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E167 - Teaching Employees to be Safe, With Blaine Hoffmann, Podcaster and VP of iReportSourceJuly 06, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E166: What Do You Want to Be? Branding with Ben Baker of Your Brand MarketingJune 29, 2019 Episode artwork Ep. 5: Are carriers stuck in the innovators dilemma? (with Alex Maffeo, Boost Insurance)June 28, 2019 Episode artwork Ep 4: Insurance evolves quickly (with Paul Tetrault, Insurance Library)June 27, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E165: Preventing Internal Water Damage with AIsling Carlson of Flo Technologies by MoenJune 23, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E164: Karen Geva on the Fintech/InsurtechStartup Scene in IsraelJune 15, 2019 Episode artwork Ep 3: The most important question for insurtechs to ask (with Austin Tucker)June 13, 2019 Episode artwork PiR - E163: Revolutionizing the Life Insurance Experience With Brent Williams of BenekivaJune 08, 2019 Episode artwork E 2: The journey of new products (with Jason LaMonica, AXA XL)June 05, 2019 Episode artwork