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The Real Talk NZ Podcast

Tania Carr

The Real Talk Podcast is for those who value authenticity, strength, resilience and hearing about the real, open-hearted discussions from people. Real Talk is a conscious gathering of like-minded people that take place all over New Zealand. These events feature speakers with truly inspiring stories who are real, down-to-earth people who have a tale to tell and share the experiences they have learned along the way. The Real Talk Podcast is your opportunity to listen to some truly inspiring stories from some incredible people without having to attend the event:*Hearing stories from people just like you *Personal development and improving yourself *Business & entrepreneurship *Community *Creating genuine connections *Sharing stories with authenticity, the raw and honest truth *Tales of vulnerability Hosted by Director of Real Talk, Tania Carr. Tania is a mum of three, grandma, sister, aunty and a strong leader who is the driving force behind our Real Talk kaupapa. Heavily experienced in the school of life and hard knocks, Tania has come from not so humble beginnings to create a movement that inspires and empowers people all over Aotearoa to speak their truth. In her words ‘It is important to me to utilise this platform as it is intended – to encourage people to speak their truth, to encourage, to motivate, to inspire and to empower all those we connect with. If our kōrero (talk, chat) can change or save one life, then it’s all worth it.’ What to expect in each episode REAL, open and honest conversations with people who have seen it all. The subjects covered in our kōrero start with but are not limited to the subjects listed below: *Suicide and triggers and coping mechanisms*Mental Health awareness *Sexual & physical abuse *Gangs & domestic violence *Drug and alcohol addiction *Teen pregnancy *Death & grief *Relationship breakdowns *Career & business aspirations Real Talk NZ - We are helping to break generational cycles. We are all survivors of traumatic experiences, so we are passionate about using our platform to change the narrative, especially for our rangatahi (youth). We are helping to shine light on traumatic experiences and normalise discussing these once ‘tabu’ topics. Through this, we show others who might be going through a similar path right now that they are not alone. Because when we speak, we heal, when we speak, we free ourselves, when we speak, we help others heal.We encourage everyone to speak their truth because people don't understand what you've been through unless you are real, raw and honest about your experiences.The Real Talk events happen regularly throughout Aotearoa and all are welcome. For more info on how to get to an event visit you can read the Real Talk book! Featuring many of the speakers who have graced the Real Talk stage, grab a copy of the book today

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